December 27, 2018 – Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Watching the weather this morning and realized we were going to have to drive through some rough weather. So hurry up and get packed and on the road by 9 AM, short drive to Baton Rouge and we got there with just some small drizzles.

Arrived at Cajun Country RV Park before 11 AM and she said it was fine to get in our spot before the big rains come. Medium sized campground with gravel roads and level gravel sites with FHU. Place has a lot of live-ins but everything seems quiet.

Then the storms came and we were glad we got all set up. Turned on local TV, watching out for thunderstorms and tornado warnings – had one north of us but we are fine so far. We discussed where the shelter (bathroom in the park) is and what we should do if the warning comes.

Ended up spending the afternoon watching the weather channel and we had 3 tornado warnings posted but never in our immediate area.

We did get 4 plus inches of rain and our entire coach was surrounded by water in fact we had to get our water shoes out and walk thru it to walk the dogs.

Still some color in the (4)

Friday no more rain but still flooded. Brenda had seen a local meat market when we had driven into town. She went back today for lunch – Boudin Balls and Crawfish Pie – oh was it good!br (1)

Went into Baton Rouge to explore. First went to the Old State Capitol but it was closed for a few weeks for maintenance. Mark Twain said it was the ugliest State House of any.

Then walked to the new State Capitol and toured inside and even went up to the 27th floor and looked over the city. It is the US’s tallest State Capitol.

We could see why the city was so (14)

Could see the Mississippi River from on top.

Saw Huey Long (Governor and Senator) who has been memorialized all around the city. Even saw the location of where he was shot in the State Capitol.

Then saw Hebe Statue – on list of offbeat attractions. Greek cup bearer donated to city by Women’s Christian Temperance Union. Originally a water fountain to provide what the people needed – not (17)

Back home but first we needed to stop at the Meat Market – bought some of their frozen meat items for future tasting and two more Boudin Balls and some Chicken Cracklins.

Dropped off the goodies and headed back out to Tin Roof Brewery – good beer.
Then to Chimes for a variety of delicious local dishes.

Baton Rouge was okay – food was great – area so so.

Saturday is off to Avery Island, Louisiana.

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