December 20, 2018 – Hammond, Louisiana

Venturing along I-10 again – heading west and hopefully warmer weather. In the midst of rain (all last night and this morning) but time to move forward.

I-10 is in great shape in Florida, Alabama and Mississippi – easy drive. Rain was a drizzle on and off.

Arrived at Reunion Lake RV Park and was quite impressed – new park, new streets and large spaces. This is a medium size park with lots of activities including a pool and a lazy river and Pickleball.

Rain has picked up so we will relax.

Friday the rain has stopped and the sun is promised to come out – but it is only 48 this morning.

Discovered a flat tire on the Sonic – had to go and have it fixed – picked up a nail along the way.

Spent the rest of the day getting ready and smoking Prime Rib for our Christmas Dinner – early but time was available. Turned out great – medium rare – maybe too well done for Brenda – will have to pull it earlier next time.

Saturday woke up to 32 degrees but no rain which means no snow.

We ventured off to visit the Verizon dealer to work on a slow Wi-Fi issue.

Then to Covington to visit the town – saw the World’s largest statue of Ronald Reagan.

Visited the Covington Brewing Company – so so. I think the place is for sale or at least the inventory.

Then over to the Abita Brewing Company – very good beer and atmosphere.

Then we decided to try a deli and find some good seafood – sure enough we found Pat’s – it was like Christmas going up and down the aisle and getting a variety of good food – Crawfish Pasta – Turtle Soup – Seafood Gumbo – Clam Chowder.

Went home and enjoyed half of it (finished the rest a couple of days later).

Sunday we did make it to church in Hammond for the 4th Sunday of Advent Service.

Then we continued on to New Orleans and visited the Garden District. Known as the “American” section of town it was built in the 1800’s to rival the architectural splendor and beauty of the French Quarter.

First ate at Stein’s Deli – we are beginning to like this food distribution system (delis) – is good and economical. Had the Muffuletta sandwich and their Matzo Ball Soup.

Walked along Magazine Street where lots of vendors have their unique shops.

Headed out on a self-guided walking tour of the highlights in the Garden District – saw Anne Rice’s House, nola (5)Trinity Church

and we found Archie Manning’s – John Goodman’s and Sandra Bullock’s Houses.

Also found the house where Jefferson Davis (president of the south during the Civil War) died in 1889.

Visited the Lafayette Cemetery.

Visited a few more churches – the buildings are so impressive in this area.

And to close it out we went to NOLA Brewing Company but on Sunday afternoon most of the attention was on football.

Monday is Christmas Eve and we don’t do a whole lot.

Tuesday is Christmas and we still don’t do a whole lot. Did get to facetime with the kids and grandkids.nola (41)

Puppies enjoying a Christmas Treat – prime rib bones.

Also went to see Mary Poppins – Returns – Great movie with great special effects and an uplifting theme as usual.nola (44)

Wednesday is our last day here. I went into town to discuss Verizon and some of the complications we have been having and changes we want to make. Then we smoked Pork Belly today. Yum Yum

Thursday is off to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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  1. Cool places, thanks for sharing.


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