December 7, 2018 – Jacksonville, Florida

Short drive to our new campsite so we could relax in morning before heading out and not have to be in a hurry. Love the trees in the area.

Arrived at Flamingo Lake Resort about little after noon time. Large park with paved roads and paved sites, lots of trees but due to the angle of the SATs we were able to pick them up – SATs are high in the sky and we could aim over the trees.

Second time this has happened – parked next to a Forza.ja (12)

Did you know that Jacksonville is the largest city by landmass in the lower 48.

Brenda did her shopping – naturally.

Saturday is nice again – we know rain is coming – so we headed out to Fort Caroline NM. Great movie about the history of first French settlement (1564 – built a triangular fort) and their loss to the Spanish a year later.

This site called Timucuan Preserve (for the original Indians that lived here) encumbers 46,000 acres. Also in the area is the Kingsley Plantation and the Theodore Roosevelt Area.

Then lunch at North Beach Fish Camp in Atlantic Beach on the Atlantic Ocean – good food and drinks.

Then to the Jacksonville Arboretum – free admission – to hunt long pine needles –and we did find a few trees that produced quite a few bundles. Brenda didn’t want to leave.

Sunday we did attend the local LCMS church – was very welcomed and if were staying longer could have gotten involved the ministry – everyone seemed excited.

I had maintenance to do – haircut and check out Verizon’s new ultimate unlimited data plan – wouldn’t mind watching Netflix but they do throttle down the data after a certain amount.

Brenda then took off and went back to the gardens and gathered more needles.

Jacksonville is a nice area and there seems (looking at the tourist books) to be a lot more to do – have to keep JAX on our bucket list.

Monday is off to Tallahassee, Florida.

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