December 12, 2018 – Jekyll Island, Georgia

Long drive today – 216 miles – 4 hours but the scenery was nice as there is still some fall colors in the trees.

Arrived at Jekyll Island State Park – medium sized campground with lots of trees and some paved roads and dirt – or pine needle sites. No SAT but they do have cable.

A beautiful island with lots of large oaks with moss hanging from them.

Wednesday is cool compared to yesterday but the sun is out. I took off on the bike – bundled up as it is 52 degrees – and rode the bike around the island – 8 miles in length – and I ended up riding 17 miles – will feel it tomorrow.IMG_0702

I did see where Woodrow Wilson made the first transcontinental phone call – Offbeat Attractions – phone in a glass case along the road.

Thursday another cool day but I did ride 16 miles despite the aching legs.

You have to remember this was an island for the “rich and famous” and the homes are huge.

Also out to dinner tonight with some seafood – we are on the Atlantic Ocean – why not. Did get to see Christmas lights on the way home.

We visited Jekyll Island before way back in December 2015 and this time we didn’t do a lot of exploring. Time to relax and Brenda is working on her pine needle baskets.

Friday is off to Jacksonville, Florida.

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