December 1, 2018 – Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Hard to believe that December is already here – but they say when you are having fun – time flies!

Short jaunt south to our next stop – wanted to get going early to avoid the rain coming.

We did have sprinkles along the way but nothing too heavy. Highway 17 all the way south – lots of development south of Pawley’s Island then it changed to forest the rest of the way.

Arrived at Mount Pleasant KOA and found a site.  Medium sized park with some paved roads and gravel sites. We only did E/W to save some money and we are only here 3 days and the laundry is done.mtp (24)

Brenda visited the Sewee VC – which has exhibits on the National Forest – Francis Marion NF – also we are in the middle of where the long leaf pine needles are growing and Brenda is on the search for them.

Sunday it is still raining – all night all day.

Brenda did go out and pick more needles – just remember you are going to get a basket if you know Brenda.

In the afternoon we did get out to see Charles Pinckney NHS – a portion of his plantation – Snee Plantation -was preserved and they explained the history of his life

– he wrote parts of the Declaration of Independence (30 different provisions) and was governor of South Carolina for a number of years – if you are a SC resident than he was important to you with all of his public service.

Monday Brenda was off again to find pine needles.

In the afternoon we took off to visit Fort Moultrie – a fort that was created before the Revolutionary war and was still in use during WWII. During its existence the fort was added to or changed 5 times depending on the needs of the time.

It was named Moultrie after William Moultrie and his soldiers protected the fort after a 9 hour battle with the British. The fort was used in Revolutionary, Civil WWI and WWII.

The fort is located on the mouth of the Charleston Harbor and we did get to see some dolphins frolicking.

Then we saw the Sullivans Lighthouse – strange looking LH.

Can’t forget the Offbeat Attractions – first was Edgar Allan Poe Library in a Bunker – left over from WWII portions of the fort.

Second was the Luke Skywalker House – hurricane proof and such an odd shape.

With such a short time here we never did get to visit Charleston – guess we will have to come back.

Tuesday we are off to Jekyll Island, Georgia.

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