November 27, 2018 – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Stopped at Historic Camden Revolutionary War site. Battle of Camden on August 16, 1780 between General Horatio Gates (USA) and Lord Charles Cornwallis (Britain). The British beat us when Gates retreated.

The VC is a site where the town was fortified and the NPS has restored some of the buildings from 1780.

Took a drive out to the Camden battlefield and the location was where they were restoring the forest to the long pine needle trees – sure enough we or Brenda picked long pine needles for a couple of hours.

Continued on to Florence, SC to stay at Cracker-Barrel – first scratch on my coach. Oh was I upset – a landscape rock was a little bit too high when I turned the corner.

To drown my sorrows, we stopped at Southern Hops Brewery.

Wednesday woke up with frost on my nose but we got the generator started and got heat – 29 is cold.

Did get a scrumptious breakfast in a heated restaurant.

On the road again eastward to Myrtle Beach. Arrived at Huntington Beach State Park without reservations and fortunately they had a few spaces available.

The new section here is great – paved roads with paved level sites – decent size lots and a few trees along the back – great small park.

Walked the dogs (not too far) to the ocean and no one on the beach and we – the dogs – got to run loose – they love it.

The ranger had indicated that there were numerous trees with the long pine needles along a road just outside the park. I took Brenda there so she could find the area when she goes on her own.

Then stopped at Quigley Pint and Plate for a cold one and Oyster Tacos – yum yum! Then I found out they had “growler” day – which meant that they would fill your growler up for $7 – fill up two for me.

Thursday is Brenda’s day to catch up on shopping and to find pine needles. The dogs and I walked the beach and I got to ride my bike – first time in months – about 6 miles and enjoyed it a whole lot. Took some pics of the local wildlife.

Huntington Beach SP was the winter home (Atalaya Castle) of Archer and Anna Hyatt Huntington which was donated to the state.

Friday finally is almost feeling like “short” weather but we will stick with the long pants for now. Walked the beach again – dogs love running loose on the sand. Brenda went to get more pine needles – guess what will be your present this year – pine baskets.

Spent the afternoon at my niece’s house in Pawley’s Island and visited with her two kids – Rory and Fiona – and did get a chance to meet her husband who came home later in the day. Enjoyed playing clay with Rory – Fiona is only 6 months old. Angela is doing well as a mom.

In the evening we stopped by Quigley’s they were having Toys for Tots and we brought some gifts and enjoyed their beer and free oysters – quite the crowd. Met some nice people from the area.

Did not get to explore Myrtle Beach but we did recognize this is a great place to relax.

Saturday we are off to Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.

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