November 9, 2018 – Washington DC – Trip 2

Back to DC to see more sites and pick up Brenda from the airport. Drive was decent – rain held off until I got close to DC. Found the campground without any problem – just hate the traffic in the area – lots of it!

In Cherry Hill Campground again because it was so convenient to DC and the airport. See previous blog about description.

Sitting here now and it is raining hard – at least I am dry.

Saturday cool weather but no rain. Going to Rappahannock Cellars in Huntly, Virginia to meet up with Kris Malloy wash (1)

– son of a friend of ours (Mike and Sharron) from Belleville, Illinois. Long drive to get there as the winery sits at the base of the Shenandoah Mountains. And Virginia doesn’t have any straight roads – love the hills and curves.

Met Kris and his friends and we sampled and drank some very good wine – ended up bringing 4 bottles home.

Sunday woke up to 29 degrees and two heaters needed to keep us warm.

I took off for the Air and Space Museum on the National Mall. Spent the day their enjoying the history and all the exhibits. Love the light rail for getting around – no traffic congestion.  So impressive with all the actual and life-size exhibits of planes and space items.

Monday cold again but not as bad as Sunday. Off again to the National Mall – this time to see the Bureau of Engraving and Printing but it was closed due to Veteran’s Day.wash (15)

Then next door to the Holocaust Museum – WOW – sure came out depressed – that was a horrible event in history and so sad. Great displays and the history of Germany and Hitler sure opened some eyes. Had to sit down and gather my feelings after the walk through.

Then the Archives Museum and saw the original Declaration of Independence and the Constitution – WOW – and all the other stuff that was there – it was so overwhelming. They even had an exhibit on the Vietnam War that so clearly explained the how and why.

Tuesday is “pick up Brenda” day and need to get the house cleaned.

Did get her at the airport and I found out Guinness opened their first American Brewery since 1954 in the area – what an operation – probably one of the best looking brewery I have ever seen – outside areas – inside areas and lots of different beers – they even have experimental beers that they try and decide if to continue – really enjoyed our experience there.

Wednesday Brenda wanted to see the Library of Congress – so off we go – sure do like “public transportation” – no headaches or stress. Weather is cold – high 40 – we rode the circular around the route and was able to see most of the monuments from the bus – our last view.

Ate lunch in the Capitol.

Then over to the LOC – what an awesome building – they say it is the most beautiful building in the World – did the tour again and learned more about the building and system of cataloging then I had ever known.

We did get our Library Cards so that we could do research – you can’t take out any books but they have 22 research rooms based on the theme or language you prefer. To think that you could touch books and other items held by famous historical people is amazing.

It is the world’s largest library with over 167 million items. All the copyrighted material available for review and posterity.

Then home.

Thursday we are off to visit the Ford Theater NHS – where Lincoln was shot. Didn’t realize that his death came a few days after the surrender at Appomattox – he could have done so much more for the freedom in the Union.

But to our surprise it snowed about 2 inches this morning – but shouldn’t be a problem as it is going to rain this afternoon and nice tomorrow.

Did the tour of the museum – theater was closed because they have live theater there and they were rehearsing for the show.

The story of Lincoln is so fascinating. And they had about the escape and capture of John Wilkes Booth.

Saw the Petersen House where Lincoln died after he was assassinated.

In the museum portion of the house was a 34 foot high stack of Lincoln books – much has been written about him – it’s on my “offbeat attractionsIMG_0628” list as well as the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

Friday is off to Appomattox, Virginia and hopefully warmer weather.

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