November 1, 2018 – Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Had to leave this morning on my own – Brenda is in South Carolina – tried to remember all the things she puts away – must of done okay nothing broke.

Short drive (66 miles) to Harpers Ferry KOA. Medium sized park with poorly paved roads and large gravel sites that were slightly unlevel. I did have FHU and SAT so I am happy.

Got the coach lined up and everything set up so we are set for 4 days.  The campground was also the site of where the Confederates and Union had a skirmish.

Did take off for the Harpers Ferry National Historic Site – only a half mile away. Had to take a shuttle from the VC to Old Town Harpers Ferry.

The NP has taken over most of the town and restored the buildings to 1850 to 1870 period as to what it was like.

Did see the movie and got my stamp. Walked around town and in the different buildings they had exhibits on the Industrial Age – HF was a great industrial area producing wool and guns along with other stuff – and on John Brown – his taking over the armory and the attack by the Confederates in 1862 on the Union Soldiers here.

This area is so beautiful with the two rivers (Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers) and mountains (Blue Ridge). And the trees are changing colors rapidly.

Friday is supposed to rain and be warm – didn’t rain a lot during the morning but I did go grocery shopping which is a big experience for me – didn’t know they sold all the stuff in the store.

In the afternoon I went back to the NP and rode the shuttle to town.  They even had a lock system which created all the industrial development in the area.

Walked along the Appalachian Trail across the Potomac River. Interesting where 3 major trails all meet at this point.

Saw John’s Brown’s Fort where George Washington had established an arms production factory and John Brown in 1859 took it over to give the arms to the slaves.

Then went on a Ranger Tour and she discussed the rock formations in the area and the effect they had on the development and downfall of the area.

Saturday has turned cooler and they offer free pancakes on the weekend here at the campground.

Goofed off with the dogs this morning but had to get out this afternoon. Back to Harpers Ferry and another ranger talk – this time about the residents who lived here during the Civil War – met Mr. Brown (not John Brown) who thought he would rise from the dead after 9 days – so the ranger talked about Halloween and viewpoints of death both now and then. Good talk.

Then climbed the steps to the Jefferson Rock and the cemetery.

Needed a beer so found the Harpers Ferry Brewery in Virginia – lots of people and good beer.

Sunday woke up to 35 and lots of blankets. Sun is out but it’s cold. Did the free pancakes first and then took the dogs to the NP to hike. Amazing how many people are here and lack of parking spaces. Finally found one and we hiked for a while – dogs do enjoy the hikes.

Watched football in the afternoon.

Harpers Ferry has lots of history and very scenic.

Monday is rain and we move to Shenandoah National Park in Virginia.

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