October 24, 2018 – Washington DC

Short jaunt across the Pennsylvania line and over to Maryland. Had interstates all the way which were not a problem until we got within the area of Washington DC – then 5 lanes and traffic all over.

We made it to Cherry Hill RV Park – large park with paved roads and big level gravel sites. Park is set up to get you on a bus and into Washington DC by public transportation.

Even have a seminar on how to visit Washington DC.

Thursday only a high of 52 so we bundled up and headed to the National Mall. Did purchase our Smart Cards to travel on the bus and light rail.

Did figure our way to the Mall and then felt overwhelmed – where do we start?  Landed at the Navy Memorial.

Decided to ride the Circular Bus all around the National Mall and see all the high lights – had a bus driver that was fun and explained what we were seeing.  View as we crossed the street.wash (6)

Saw all the major Memorials.

Did walk through the Sculpture Park.

Then stopped at the Smithsonian VC and tried to help narrow down what we would see. Did have lunch at the Department of Agriculture Building. Great food.

Then we hopped the light rail to Arlington Cemetery. Took the tram tour. Driver pointed out many of the top names who are buried here – didn’t take notes so can’t share too much.


Got off the tram at the Grave of the Unknown Soldiers – we got a special treat with two events – Laying on of the Wreath – with all the pomp and circumstance.

And then we saw the Changing of the Guard – the Military sure is impressive with their discipline.

Did get to JFK’s grave site and the eternal flame.

Two different light rails to get home and we are there.

Friday is still cold and overcast – Hurricane Willa is on the way.

We took off for the National Mall again to visit the Monuments and a Museum.

We took the Circulatory and rode to the Jefferson Monument.

Then we saw the Martin Luther King Monument.

Then the FDR Monument which was so impressive.

On to the Lincoln Monument – such reverence.

Then to lunch at Old Ebbitt Grill – the oldest saloon in Washington DC – supposed to be the place to see the “who’s who” in DC – didn’t see anyone but the place was packed.

Stopped at the WW II Monument and Brenda completed her Junior Ranger book.

wash (46)

Finally stopped at the Washington Monument – it was closed to install a new elevator – glad it was closed as when I was a young teenager we came here and we climbed the steps – I remember my dad making sure he made it too.

Home before the rain came.

Saturday is our day of rain and do nothing.

Sunday is off to the Smithsonian – American History. Was able to get there without any directions or GPS. Entered the museum and did our security check and off we go exploring.

Quite impressive with all the historical artifacts – great displays and historic information. After 6 hours we had not seen the whole museum but there will be a next time.

Monday promises slightly warmer weather. Brenda is getting ready for her plane ride to South Carolina to see the new grandson so I am going to explore.

Visited the Capitol – movie and tour and lots of exhibits. Ate lunch there and had the Senate Bean Soup – yummy.

Then the Supreme Court – again movie and tour and heard a lecture in the SC room. Again a lot of history and exhibits – it’s amazing the design and paintings in these buildings.

Final made it to the Library of Congress and that was jaw dropping. Did a movie and tour and learned a lot about the exhibits and paintings all around the building.

Tuesday is Brenda’s day to fly to see the grandsons in South Carolina. Dropped her off at the Baltimore Washington Airport in the morning and spent the afternoon catching up.

Wednesday is Rich’s day to visit DC. First went to the Pentagon – they sure have gotten strict about visiting the building – NO WAY – unless you know someone – couldn’t even visit the VC.

Then stopped by the Pentagon 9-11 Memorial – WOW – they sure emphasized the victims and the damage – each person who was killed had a special location based on age.

Then to the White House – again security is high and there was no inside peek unless you applied weeks ago with special approval – so I walked around and saw the outside

– even saw the WH Christmas tree

– not decorated but they were preparing the area.

What was most impressive was the Executive Building next door.

Then to the Vietnam Memorial and again WOW – didn’t realize it was all below ground but it was a moving memorial that reminded you so much of the victims of war.

Thursday is off to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

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