October 14, 2018 – Wilmington, Delaware

Short drive from Philly to Willy – lol – interstate all the way with no tolls – doing well at that. Arrived at Lums Pond State Park – what a change for us – from parking lots to a state park with trees = Lums is a small park with paved roads and paved sites and lots of trees – we did get SAT and FHU. Nice place on a lake or a pond!

We got here at 11 AM and the host said no one could get in until 1 PM – understood because my site was not open yet – at 12:30 I checked and the camper had left so I drove in – the host said no way that he would charge me for an extra day – so out I drove and waited until 1 in the parking lot – bunch of BS.

A friend of Brenda’s – Nicola and her husband (lives in Wilmington) stopped by and spent the afternoon – afterwards we went out for dinner – ended up in Maryland and had to have crabs – they were good. Good visit with friends.

Monday is rain and 55. Brenda decided to shop in Wilmington and then visit her friend after work – the day all to myself – need to get some things done.

Tuesday is cool but not raining. Did replace my headlight and mail my estimated taxes to Uncle Sam. We did smoke ribs and they turned out “fall off the bone” good.

Did buy a Mega Millions and a Powerball to see how lucky we are.

Oh yes we have a new grandson – from Deidre and Cannon in South Carolina.IMG_0587

Wednesday is 47 degrees and we didn’t win the Mega Millions but we are off to Gettysburg, PA.

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