September 26, 2018 – Mystic, Connecticut

Short drive from Rhode Island to Connecticut – mostly minor highways and again it was green (trees) but we did have some rain and fog – we are traveling along the coast.

Arrived at Seaport Campground a medium sized park with gravel roads and sites and only E/W – but we did get SAT. Since it had rained a lot yesterday the grass areas are puddle covered.

Took some time and made a trip to the VC and gathered information. Didn’t have the dogs so why not go into town and visit Mystic Pizza – the location where the movie with Julia Roberts – her pics hug all over the inside.

Had a beer and a slice.

Thursday the sun is trying to break through and it’s off to explore.

First was the harbor town of Stonington – cute and lots of stores and boats. Did see the old lighthouse at the end of the pier. The point has great views of the water.

Then over to the harbor town of Mystic – sounds like a bad habit – harbor town then harbor town – I do love those little villages. Mystic was a tourist trap town with lots of villages (Old Mystic Village) and museums to see.

Had our first Grinder – it was huge and good.

Then over to the Submarine Force Museum. Got to walk thru the USS Nautilus – the first Nuclear –powered submarine –life had to be tough in such small quarters.

Located in Groton – the submarine capitol. The hull rings show the difference as time went on – the USS Holland in 1900 was 10 feet in diameter – the USS Ohio is the largest present in-fleet at 42 feet in diameter. Little bit more living quarters.

Walked through the museum and learned more history on subs and the effect they had on wartime.

Went up to the library – supposed to have an appointment but the tech let us in and we found information about Brenda’s grandfather who was a POW in WW II.

On the way out of town stopped by Fort Griswold – important during the Revolutionary War – and saw some of the monuments including the Stone Monument Museum.

Friday was rain all night and cool 55 in morning. Rain finally stopped about noon but still a drizzle.

Brenda and I went into town for Flu Shots and visited the “Evolution of the Nut” but after chasing down a security guy on Williams College Campus he indicated it had been removed.

Then a visit to a lighthouse and grocery shopping.mys (35)

Fed the dogs and we were off to the Stonington Winery. Good wine and then dinner at Abbot’s Lobster in the Rough– my last lobster (1-1/2 pounds) of this portion of the trip. They did offer 5 pound lobsters but I wasn’t a glutton.

Saturday is off to Millwood, New York to see my nephew and family.

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