September 22, 2018 – Newport, Rhode Island

All interstate roads to our campground – fairly boring – but we arrived at Melville Ponds Campground – small park with gravel roads and sites – couldn’t level coach – close though – and we did not get SAT.

Sunday – the LCMS church is too far away – not a lot of Lutheran churches in the NE. So we took off to explore Newport – wow – lots of big houses or should I say lots of mansions.

We drove the Scenic Ocean Drive around the outer edge of town – again lots of large houses and beautiful views of the ocean.

Saw Fort Adam.

Final drove down Bellevue Drive – where all the mansions are on the east side of the island. We know where the “rich and famous” live.

Then we had lunch with the “well to do” at a small café with a bottle of wine and pizza slices.

Then we found the Cliff Walk and ventured quite a ways with the dogs and were amazed at the mansions – notice the theme.

Did get to see some lighthouses and boats – thought about one but $$ too much.

And did get in to see some of my offbeat attractions.

And finally a stop at the Taproot Brewery – dog friendly but did you know that in Rhode Island you can only purchase one beer at a time or each person has to be present at the bar.

Newport despite its reputation as the sailing capitol has much more to do besides boating – need to come back and spend more time exploring.

Monday is a long drive to Cape Cod – 2 hours one way.

First stop was the Cape Cod potato chip factory – it was okay – self guided – but you did get a free bag of chips.

Then we visited Cape Cod brewing company for lunch but no food so on to seafood – another lobster roll.

Visited the Cape Cod National Seashore. The park was established in 1961 and protects over 40 miles of pristine beaches, marshes, ponds and uplands.

First stop was the Salt Pond VC – movie and the stamp.

Moved on to the other VC at the northern end of Cape Cod – Province Lands VC.

Saw the Cape Cod (Highland) lighthouse. First light house seen on a voyage from Europe to Boston, originally built in 1798.

Thought for next time – spend part of the summer out here on Cape Cod and enjoy so much more of the summer activities.

Tuesday is a rain day – Brenda off shopping – I relaxing.

Wednesday is off to Mystic, Connecticut.

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