September 17, 2018 – Boston, Massachusetts

Continued on down Highway 1 heading south. Great drive through small villages and seeing development as only the northeasters do.

Arrived at Boston Minutemen Campground, a small wooded park with paved roads and gravel sites – no SAT for sure. We do have full hookup and cable so now to figure out what is the best way to see Boston.

Ended up meeting one of our neighbors who has the name Richard Wilson and is from Michigan – my home state and nearby to Monroe – my home city. No relationship but we sat around the fire and had a good discussion about RVing and how silly some people are with their inexperience.

Tuesday it rained all night and all morning – we met Florence – we had no flooding but lots of rain.

After lunch we took off for the Minute Man NH Park. The park commemorates the events of April 19, 1775 and the beginning of the American Revolution. The movie was so informative and explained so well the battle road and what had happened and what caused the war to continue.

We visited Lexington and Concord and the North Bridge battles.

bos (7)Also found the Battle Road Brewing Company – appropriate for the day.

Wednesday is overcast and 65 with a slight drizzle. Off we go with the gang to Salem, Mass – still haven’t learned to spell it.

Visited the Salem Maritime NHS first – walked out to the wharf and saw the lighthouse. Park is dedicated to the early years of Maritime trade. Park created in 1938.

Then we walked down to the House of the Seven Gables – building had inspired the great American author Nathaniel Hawthorne to write his bestseller – not interested in the inside tour.

Walked around town – everything is witches and spells – this is the town where they hanged the witches – quite a scandal back then.

Brenda found another VC and watched the movie about Salem and the witches – I didn’t get the chance to see it. While she was watching the movie I visited the Winter Island Lighthouse.

Salem was a fun city to visit with lots more to do and would you believe October is their busiest month.

Brenda did stop at the library and picked up a list of books from the area about witches – I’ll have to watch out for her.

Then we headed to Lowell, Mass to see the Lowell Historic Park – the NPS has taken over part of the town that was all industrialized and a canal and is restoring it to a new town development – a lot of people in the area. The park commemorates the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in America with its textile mills and women working those mills.

The park was created in 1978 to help stabilize the town and to preserve the culture and buildings of the past industrial times. It has increased economic and development in the area. Could have spent 2 or 3 days here to see everything.

Thursday Bren and I took off for downtown Boston or the Boston Commons. When the campground recommends “public transportation” believe them – what was to take us one hour to drive ended up taking two hours due to congestion – next time the subway or train.

Arrived at the Commons and signed up for the Costumed Freedom Trail walking tour – 90 minutes. Great tour guide with lots of information and saw various buildings from the Revolutionary War, including burial grounds.

They even have the Freedom Trail cast in the sidewalk so no one gets lost.

Ended this tour at the Faneuil Hall – referred to as the Cradle of Liberty – was the market place and meeting place for the community – it was built in 1742.

This is the NP VC and we picked up a NP walking tour further north – saw Paul Revere’s house and the North church. Guide filled us with thoughts of the revolution and gave us a better understanding of Dr. Joseph Warren, killed at Bunker Hill.

Paul Revere’s house is the oldest surviving building in all Boston.

Then we continued on to finish the Freedom Trail and saw the USS Constitution and Bunker Hill.

Bunker Hill was lost by the Patriots but they created a large loss on the Loyalists soldiers that they continued in their cause of Revolution. This happened on June 17, 1775.

The USS Constitution is the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world.

What a great day and we learned more on this trip then all of school days.

Hungry so we went back to the Italian neighborhood and I picked Giacomo’s Ristorante and we had the best Italian meal we have ever had – seafood pasta.

Got home at 8:00 PM – felt sorry for the dogs 11 hours without a break but they did not do any damage inside.

Friday off to visit Adams NH Park in Quincy, MA. Arrived just in time to get on the 11:15 tour – a trolley trip to first the birth place of both John Adams and second stop was their family home in later years (Old House or Peace Field).

Park was created in 1946.

Great tour and learned so much history – the guides (rangers) were great in their knowledge and input on history.

After the tour and lunch and Brenda getting her Jr Ranger badge we headed over to Samuel Adams Brewery for a tour and free beer.

Great tour as we learned about hops and barley – no corn and rye like Budweiser.
Able to get home by 5:30 – don’t think I could take this traffic if I had to do it every day.

We really enjoyed Boston and the history – there is so much we did not see but at least we have an idea of what the city has to offer – will be back.

Saturday off to Newport, Rhode Island – need to get all my states visited.

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