September 13, 2018 – Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Was able to stay on Highway 1 all the way from one campground to the next. Interesting drive seeing lots of pine trees but went through many small towns with a variety of stores and restaurants – still pushing “eat lobster” all along the way.

Arrived at Saco/Old Orchard Beach KOA in Saco, Maine. Got our site in the new area and it is wonderful – gravel roads and sites but very level, concrete pad and lots of grass and cable and our SAT works.

Brenda is off shopping – having “Target” withdrawal – can’t remember the last one she was in – they are not around every corner here in the north.

Friday was time to get things done that we have neglected – first got new tires for the Sonic – 90,000 miles on those tires and needed to be replaced. Then a haircut – yes I needed one too.

Took the dogs later and we visited Kennebunkport – what a neat town and area – harbor town with lots of stores and restaurants. Did find the Kennebunkport Brewing Company and had one after our walk around town.

Did stop by the Wedding Cake house – way too much trim for me.

Headed out to Walker Pointe which is where the Bushes have their summer home compound – couldn’t get in because it is guarded by the Secret Service.sac (15)

The fog rolled in while we were driving along the coast.

Went out to see a light house but the fog was too heavy to see it.

Then went through Old Orchard Beach – town portion – to get an idea of what it was like – needs more exploring.

Saturday it is off for a bike ride – discovered I can catch the Eastern Trail about 1 mile from the campground. Got on the trail and did 10 miles. The trail is 65 miles long but will save that for another day.

Brenda and I took off for Freeport to explore. This is the town of LL Bean.

Did see along the way the Scarborough Fish and Lobster Boat.sac (18)

Then saw the World’s Largest Rotating Globe at Garmin – where else?  Closed on the weekend.

Then the Big Conundrum Indian in front of a wine bistro.sac (24)

Had to have lunch and we ate at Linda L Bean – granddaughter to LL Bean. Had a Lobster Mac and Cheese that was wonderful.

Finally we walked around town – to my surprise half of this town is an Outlet mall – every store you could think of was there.

Then we went to the LL Bean – oh wow – so big – so much to see and I had to buy some new jeans so now I am in style.

sac (35)

He started in 1912 with 10 pair of boots and now sells just about anything for outdoors.

We did stop at the Cold River Distiller – small operation that had a blueberry vodka made from Maine potatoes – very good.

Tonight we did something we haven’t done in a long time – we had a campfire and roasted hotdogs for dinner – lots of memories on the end of the stick.

Sunday Brenda wasn’t feeling super so I took Gretel and headed to Old Orchard Beach – the typical beach area along the Atlantic Coast – complete with roller coaster and carousel and restaurants and beach and stores and – you name it they had it.

We walked the beach for a while and then headed back along the sidewalk.

OOB is the longest stretch of sand beach (7 miles) in Maine. If there is a Coney Island of Maine it is OOB.

We did walk the Pier (500 feet), which opened to the public in 1898 (not same pier as it has been destroyed by storms a few times). If looking for entertainment this is the place.

Weather was nice and the beach was crowded.

We were close to Portland, Maine but never made it to town – too much to do in this area.

The only “moose” we saw in Maine.sac (31)

Monday off to Boston, Massachusetts.

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