September 10, 2018 – Rockport, Maine

Beautiful drive along the Maine Coastline, windy and hilly and green – didn’t see much water but you knew it was just on the other side of the trees or the big houses.

Arrived at Megunticook Campground in Rockport Maine – small campground adjacent to Highway 1 with narrow gravel roads and decent size sites in the middle of the woods – no SAT but we have full hookups.

Took the dogs down the trail to the Atlantic Ocean – campground has a fire pit and picnic tables and you can watch the seals and dolphins – we’ll see.

Took a ride into Rockport to explore the town – another harbor town without a lot of stores – we did walk the harbor and saw the lime kilns from years ago.


They even have a statue of Andre the Seal – he was a mascot in the harbor for many (9)

Then went over to Camden – another harbor town and it had lots more stores and activity and people.

ro (17)

Tuesday – Rain – no TV – no News – Rain! A day to just sit back and relax – nowhere to go and who wants to go out in the rain anyways.

Did take care of a couple of maintenance items – but otherwise I just relaxed. Brenda did go into the yarn shop.

Rain finally stopped and we headed back to Camden – nice quaint fishing village with a lot going on.

First stop was the Curtis Island Lighthouse – pretty foggy at the time but we could just barely see it.

Then to the Edna St. Vincent Malley Harbor Park.

Then we went looking for the Controversial Disgruntled Seagull – yes it’s on my list of Offbeat Attractions. Didn’t find it where it was supposed to be and started asking locals and none heard of it before – finally Chamber of Commerce and she thought it was an old stuffed seagull that hung in the bar above the Chamber office – which is now the Sea Dog Brewery – so up we go and sure enough one of the waitresses had served at the previous bar and told me the story of the bird – back then it wasn’t endangered and someone stuffed it and then they got in trouble (after it became endangered) and rose up a controversy. It has been moved to a museum in Searsport – another day.

While here let’s eat and drink – mussels and a seafood pie – for sure a beer. All was good!

Wednesday we are off to explore Rockland, Maine.

First stop was the birthplace of the man who invented the donut hole – yes – in fact the town of Camden has a donut hole festival in the summer- have to get that on my (27)

Then we stopped by the Train Roundhouse and Turntable site – not in operation any more but was a vital part of the economy years ago.

Then to the Puffin Project exhibit – back in 1901 there was only one pair of puffins in the area because man had over harvested them for their feathers for women’s apparel. But in 1973 they began working on restoration of the puffins and today they have over 1200 pairs of breeding puffins on the islands off of Maine. Yes Brenda did buy a pair of puffin socks.

Then walked around downtown, quite a busy town – lots going on with stores and restaurants and people.

We visited the Farnsworth Art Museum and enjoyed some local “Wyeth” art.

Then lunch at the Rockland Café – which specializes in seafood and I had a Lobster Egg Benedict and it was stuffed with lobster – Brenda had the seafood (40)

We then went out to the breakwater and walked 7/8 of a mile on the breakwater to see the lighthouse – just before I got there the tide had come up and part of the breakwater was covered with water – didn’t walk through the water to get to the lighthouse base –don’t like wet shoes.

Back to the museum to view the war poetry display – pretty moving as different authors had created poems for some of the military leaders in history. It was called Poems of American Patriotism.

Can’t leave town with a stop at the Rock Harbor Brewing Company.

Enjoyed the area a whole lot, much to do and see. Need to come back.

Thursday is off to Portland, Maine.

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