September 3, 2018 – Bar Harbor, Maine

Drove along the shoreline to enjoy the view. Nice trip and easy going – only pine trees to see for sure! They call this the Bold Coast Scenic Byway.

Maine is known for its blueberries and they like to flaunt it.

Stopped before we got to camp and had a crab roll.

Arrived at Hadley Pointe Campground (about 6 miles from Bar Harbor) and got our site. Medium size park with gravel roads and sites. Was able to get SAT despite all the trees.

Brenda had grocery shopping to do (we have been out in the boonies for a while) so she took off in hunt for food.

When she returned we took a ride to the VC – get her Jr Ranger book early – and drove thru Bar Harbor to get a glimpse of what the city is about. Noticed that Cruise Ships were entering the bay – so there will be all these people running about town looking for souvenirs.

Tuesday I took a bike ride along the highway and did 10 miles – the hills aren’t big but often.

Then we visited the Acadia NP Visitor’s center and watched the movie and got our stamp and magnet. I don’t think Brenda is going ahead with the Junior Ranger booklet this time.

Acadia NP was first established as a NP in 1916 by Woodrow Wilson – go Wilsons – It was the first NP east of the Mississippi and was the first NP whose land was donated by private citizens – it comprises 49,000 acres.

Then got the dogs and completed the 27 mile park loop by driving the car through it.

We saw lots of beautiful scenery.

First saw Sand Beach – the only sand beach in the park.

Then we saw Thunder Hole – where the tides coming in create a huge splash and loud thunderous sound.

Then we saw Jordan Pond. This area has the only restaurant in the NP and they have tea and popovers – which goes back many years as a way to relax and enjoy each other’s company.barh (21)

Then we hiked the carriage roads.

Then we ventured up to the top of Cadillac Mountain (1530 feet) and oh what a view! 360 degree full circle view and it was all spectacular. Tallest mountain on the Atlantic Coast north of Brazil.

Home again to feed the dogs and then we had to go out for a lobster each – with mussels – these Maine mussels are really good.

Invited a couple to sit with us at our picnic table – best seafood places only have picnic tables – anyways noticed the guy’s STL hat – sure enough they lived in Swansea, Illinois and was here on vacation – good discussion – small world.

Wednesday is our walk around in Bar Harbor with the dogs – found a parking space and I will say they are sparse because everyone is already here and filled them up.

We walked the town with all the tourists.

Did cross the sand bar to Bar Island during low tide.

Made it all the through town without buying anything but it is time for lunch. Did Atlantic Brewing Company and a Cajun Fish Burrito.

Town was fun but way too many tourists and traffic. Did enjoy the cool breezes off the water.

Thursday supposed to rain later so off I go on the bike – made it to Acadia NP VC and rode the carriage roads (created by JD Rockefeller – 45 miles total) for a while – then home – did 13 miles.

Took the group (B and the dogs) and we headed toward Schoodic Peninsula – a part of the NP. Did get my stamp from there and did the loop – such beautiful scenery along the shoreline. They have a whole education section out here that does experiments and learning. Did visit the town of Winter Harbor.

Did see the Rockefeller Hall. Did have some rain fall while we were touring.

Even though we had visited the Atlantic Brewing Company Midtown site we did stop at the main brewery out in our neighborhood and had one for the road – nice set up with a BBQ place attached.

Did see this BIG lobster along the road.barh (49)

Our campground hosted a local dog agility meet.

Needed dinner tonight and why not – another road side lobster stand – they are the best – each had a lobster and a crab – can do without all the work of a crab next time. Really getting into breaking open the lobster and dunking it in the butter – oh yum yum – what am I going to do when we move on?

Friday received a call from Mark – he is the other camper we met that has a similar painted Forza – we parked next to each other – he is in Maine just 2 miles away and we are planning on getting together.

Had to move sites today so part of the morning took time for that.

Brenda did her shopping and on the way home bought two Lobster Rolls for lunch – yum yum!

Took Gretel (as Brenda wanted to do research) and we walked around downtown Bar Harbor – saw the Art Show going on – crossed the Sand Bar – and had lots of smiles from people as they saw Gretel.

Brenda and I went to the Acadia Night Sky Festival – a Star Gazing event at the Seawall Campground – first had an introduction to the stars and formations – then we went down by the ocean. And they had many telescopes set up with the operators who explained what we were looking at – everything from Saturn and its rings and Jupiter and etc etc – It was amazing seeing the stars and Milky Way so bright – this is one of the darkest skies east of the Mississippi. Didn’t like driving home in the dark but we made it.  This pic is from someone else but it shows how bright the stars are.barh (39)

Saturday is our boat ride and tour of the local lighthouses.

It was cold but we tried to dress for it – still had to go inside every now and then to warm up. Saw six different lighthouses, summer homes of the stars (Rockefellers, Morgan’s Astor’s, Martha Steward), a saving Station and lots of islands – even two bald eagles but no whales.

Did you ever notice the amount of lobster pots on the water.

Did lunch on shore and had a Lobster Bisque and Clam Chowder and Crab Cakes with Lobster – again yum yum!

We did walk through the art show and around Bar Harbor again.

Before sunset we went down to the lake near our campground and watched the sun set – very pretty.

Sunday we took off with the dogs and did a tour of the island – yes we are on an island – and drove and visited a variety of sea villages along the coast.

Saw Seal Cove, Somesville, Southwest Harbor, North Harbor, Bass Harbor. Did visit the Seawall area (where we were during the star gazing event – couldn’t see where we were in the dark – so dark).

Did drive around Somes Sound – the only fiard, a smaller version of fjord in the contiguous 48 states. Steep mountains line both sides of a 168 foot deep gorge.
Had lunch at a little café and enjoyed the Sea Chowder and a BLTL – BLT with lobster – everything comes with lobster here.

Met the couple who has the same color and same model RV that we do at the local winery – across the street from our campground – for drinks and pizza. Good to get together with old acquaintances promising to keep in touch.

As you can tell we have been very busy during this visit, Acadia was GREAT but we need to come back and spend more time and eat more lobster.  Short summary of some of our food dishes.

Monday is off to Rockland, Maine.

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