August 29, 2018 – Eastport, Maine

hat a wicked ride on the road cross country from Medway to Eastport – majority of the road was very rough and I had to slow down and just enjoy the scenery.

Arrived at Seaview Campground on the St. Croix River – sad but we didn’t get a “sea view” site – that’s okay since I didn’t plan too far ahead for the reservation. Small campground with a dozen sites with sea views and the rest in the woods and more in the field – we are in the field – okay cheaper and we can get SAT. Even have a restaurant and bar within the compound.

Took a ride into Eastport to explore and get the lay of the land.

Thursday had some light rain this morning and only 65 – loving it! Did skip the bike ride.

Brenda and I took off to visit the St. Croix National Historic site. This is the first permanent French Settlement in North America – all happened in 1604. Had no movie but the ranger was so enthused about the story we really enjoyed her description.

The French had assumed since France and St. Croix Island were on the same latitude that the winters would be the same – they forgot about the arctic air flow and the winter was so cold that almost half of the settlers had perished. Some did survive and after the springtime they moved the settlement to the main land and continue to today.

Had my first fresh lobster (this trip) at a local live seafood restaurant – loved it and the view of the water.

Friday woke up to 54 degrees and partly cloudy – great day ahead.

Brenda and I left for Roosevelt Campobello International Park in Canada.

First stop was the Quoddy Head lighthouse and the easternmost point in the USA.
Then crossed the Canadian border and no problems – now to get back in. We are in New Brunswick, Campobello Island.

Enjoyed seeing the Fireweed – reminded us of Alaska.

Stopped at The Pier recommended by some people we met yesterday – great food – had our daily lobster – me in a grilled lobster cheese sandwich and Brenda a lobster roll – along with a side order of mussels – best I ever had.

Sitting on the deck we watched whales diving for their food and dolphins playing.

Continued on down the road to the Head Harbour lighthouse – couldn’t get to it due to the rising tide – we did see some whales.

Finally to FDR’s summer house – saw the movie and got my stamp – first International stamp. Did a tour of the house – I can see why he liked this island in the summer.

Back across the border to Lubec and the only brewery in the area, the town is a small fishing village.

Home again 6 miles by the way the crows flies but 45 miles by car – oh a car ferry would have been nice but there is a pedestrian ferry!

Saturday I ventured out for a bike ride – they did have a trail map but no separated trails – all on the road. Able to get 8 miles in – to town and back – and lots hills – but the view of the water was so great – impressive how much the tide changes the view – lots of artists out today painting scenes.

They were also getting ready for the Pirate Festival next week.

Brenda needed to finish her Junior Ranger book so we drove back to St. Croix Island NHS and she got her badge – also had completed the Historic Preservation booklet and got her patch.

Then headed into Calais and stopped by the Whitlock Light (house) – only a light on the deck of a house – I guess needed to protect boats along the shoreline.

Continued on to the VC and discovered a trail along the water front – took the dogs and did about 4 miles – right across the river is Canada. Did see the St. Stephen lighthouse across the river in Canada.

On the way back we stopped at the 45th Parallel Gift Shop – it’s on my list of Offbeat Attractions – the list has 21,000 places to stop – some not all that interesting.

Sunday we final came upon a festival – it seems like we miss them by a week or so but this time we are here at the right time – what festival you ask – The Salmon Festival – strange I thought since I hadn’t heard about the Salmon running up the rivers here like in Alaska – we went anyways.

Had a Salmon meal that was good and it included a tour of the Salmon farming area. Had music while we ate and then we walked the town viewing art studios.

Then we took the tour – on a boat out to the Salmon Farm – yes they grow salmon in a circular netted area in the bay and then harvest them after a couple of years – these are the Atlantic Farm Salmon you buy in stores – impressive operation. No whales visible on the boat ride.

There is still so much more to do than what we described but there will always be another time. We really enjoyed Eastport as an authentic fishing village and will come back – especially for the lobster!

Monday is off to Acadia National Park – still in Maine.

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