August 23, 2018 – Skowhegan, Maine

Beautiful drive out of New Hampshire – I can say that I am very impressed with the natural resources of this “granite” state – especially their motto “live free or die”.

Driving through Maine – our first time here – was not overly impressed with the scenery – through it was clean and lots of little towns.

Did arrive at Two Rivers Campground in Skowhegan – yes that is the city – Maine. A small campground with paved roads and gravel sites, lots of grass and we are on the river – they have free canoes and kayaks – let’s go. Located on the Kennebec River.

Loving the weather – 55 in morning and 75 in afternoon and hardly any humidity – lets relax.

Friday again 53 degrees and sunny – time for a bike ride – not a lot of trails – more on road but I got 10 miles in and found the River’s Edge trail and the Debe Park River Walk.

After lunch Brenda and I took a pedal-boat ride – didn’t realize how tough that can be on your legs – but we made it up the two rivers and had a good time.skow (16)

Before dinner we took the dogs and went exploring – saw the world’s tallest Native American at 62 feet tall – dedicated to the Maine Indians,

the first peoples to use these lands in peaceful ways– they seem to like doing their public art in wood – see later.

Then we stopped at the Bigelow Brewing Co. and they were out about 6 miles but they had a band and the people did come to listen. Beer was okay.

Saturday morning headed over to the local farmer’s market and purchased some fresh goodies.  The Whoopie Pie is the State Desert.skow (32)

Then saw the Margaret Chase Smith Museum and Library – wasn’t open on weekends – she was born here and is the first woman to serve in both houses of the US Congress.

Then visited their community park and saw a couple of their wooden art pieces. The artist is Bernard “Blackie” Langlais did impressionistic folk-art style and over-sized sculptures made from scrap wood and found objects.

Then stopped on the island were Benedict Arnold led a troop of Revolutionary soldiers past in 1775.skow (15)

We walked around downtown to see the local culture – not much here.

Did go out for dinner at the High Tide Low Tide Seafood store – had the Lobster Roll (first of many to come)and Clam Chowder – oh was it good.

Sunday we are off to northern Maine.

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