August 19, 2018 – Woodstock, New Hampshire

The hills of Vermont are so beautiful – so enjoyed the journey east into our next state.

Did stop in Montpelier to see the Capitol Building – we walked around the area. Did you know that Vermont has the smallest population for a capitol city in all the states? – 8,000 people.

Did meet Ethan Allen – always thought he was a furniture store but they sure do like him in this area.

The journey through New Hampshire was nothing to complain about – so green! Though we did see some tinges of color along the way – fall is coming.

Arrived at Country Bumpkin Campground – had trouble seeing the entrance and had to twice turn around – not easy with a car in tow. But we did arrive – nervous because there didn’t seem to be a wide drive to get in. Small campground with dirt roads and sites but spaces are big enough but no SAT.

We are here 4 days to explore what we can of New Hampshire.

Fall is coming.nh (27)

Monday we had to move sites (already knew this) so when our new spot was vacant we moved. Great spot on the end and adjacent to the Pemigewasset River.

Enjoyed the sounds of a babbling brook.

Took off to explore the Kancamagus Highway – 35 miles long. Goes east from here and crosses the White Mountains at an elevation of 2,855. The road goes back to the 1600’s and the Indians.

We stopped at the Sabbaday Falls and hiked a ways to enjoy the area and see the falls.

Then we stopped at Rocky Gorge Falls and saw them – people all over sitting on the rocks and enjoying the sun.

There are 26 waterfalls in this immediate area.  Didn’t see them all.

Then we saw the Albany Covered Bridge and walked across it.

There are 29 covered bridges in this immediate area.  Didn’t see them all.

Stopped in North Conway – much bigger city – Brenda wanted to visit the NH Craft Store.

Finally a visit to One Love Brewery in Lincoln and then home for dinner.

Tuesday drove to the Mount Washington Cog Railroad, about 40 minutes – scenery spectacular.

The Cog RR began in 1869 and has been running continuous except during war – it is the oldest cog RR in the world. It has grades as steep as 38% – which makes all the structures nearby seem way out of whack.

Didn’t realize this but the engine and the car are not connected physical but are pushed up and lean against on the way down. There is almost a 4,000 foot rise from the base to the summit.

Got our tickets for 12:30 ride to top of Mt Washington – weather perfect. Steam engine sold out – shucks!

One hour ride to top.

What a surprise at top – 47 degrees and lots of cloud cover. Spent an hour at the top trying to take pictures and drinking some hot chocolate. On a clear day you can see 4 states and Canada.  Did see people hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Ride down was enjoyable – did get to see the steam engine in action.

Stopped at Mount Washington Grand Hotel on the way home – only two Grand Hotels left in New Hampshire – oh what a place!


Wednesday it rained all night and all morning but the sun is coming out this afternoon.

I took off to visit the Old Man of the Mountain made famous way back to 1805. People for over 200 years had come to this spot to see the profile of an old man on the side of the mountain. The face was over 40 feet high.

In 2003 parts of the face fell off and it doesn’t look like a man but since it was such a famous spot they recreated the Profiler Plaza where you stand on a spot based on your height and you look up at the mountain and it shows an image the old man on the mountain – pretty cool.

Then I stopped at Clark’s Trading Post – typical tourist trap (past 70 years) with all the rides and souvenirs including a bear show – didn’t pay $22 to get in. The train that you can ride goes right past our campground at least 8 times a day and blows it’s steam whistle – you get used to it.

Had dinner at the Woodstock Inn Brewery – which originally was the Lincoln RR Station since the 1800’s. Lots of additions and changes to the building – very unique.

Great experience in the White Mountains – lots of adventures available – we don’t do all of them because of age and time.

This trip has been interesting in regards to mountains – been in the Adirondacks (NY) , Green Mountains (VT) and now the White Mountains (NH) – All special in their own way.

Thursday is off to Maine.

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