August 16, 2018 – Stowe, Vermont

Short drive east to Stowe – what beautiful country – mountains and green trees – that’s all you see. Vermont roads are in great shape.

Arrived at Gold Brook Campground – small park with gravel roads and sites but they are big and level and so we are happy.

Took the dogs for a ride to Mount Mansfield – tallest point in Vermont (4,395) – but they wanted $30 plus to drive to the top on a gravel road – so we passed – we did see it numerous times from a distance.

Lots of people in the area and such beautiful scenery and hills. Did take a hike through some of the area to enjoy all the beauty – dogs (at least Gretel) loves hiking – she’s full steam ahead.

The roads are a little steep in the (9)

Did stop at Von Trapp (yes the family from Sound of Music) Bierhall – history tells us they came to America and settled here in 1942 after touring the world – did their final Trapp Family Singers Concert in 1956 – and started a cross country ski lodge in the 60’s – one of the sons still owns and operates the lodge and brewery with his children – oh all the beers were Austrian type.

After dinner went back into Stowe for an art show – quite a few vendors with their goods for sale.

So far we really like Stowe for the beauty – cooler weather in the mountains – and the peacefulness.

Friday is off to Ben & Jerry’s and the factory tour (as recommended by our friend Sharron) – they make this great ice cream right here in Waterbury, Vermont – learned that there are other locations around the world that produce this ice cream.

Got into the 10 AM tour (kind of early for ice cream but seeing the crowds at 11, glad we came early). Heard the history and saw the manufacturing process (they were cleaning today so we saw the physical process but not in action). And we did get a tasting.

Did realize that Ben & Jerry’s was a strong supporter of Poor People’s Rights – they come right out and say it.

Saw the graveyard for flavors that have been discontinued and then had to have a single cone of Bourbon Brown Butter and Brenda did Phish. Enjoyed the cones.

Rain in the afternoon and I smoked some (42)

Saturday rained all night but is slowing up this morning.

We took off for breakfast in Stowe and walked around town. Lots to see.

Then we stopped at the Cabot Cheese store and sampled many cheeses and purchased some for later consumption.

Then we stopped at the Cold Hollow Cider Mill and toured the operation (not a big deal) and tried their Hard Cider.

Right across the parking lot was Boyden Valley Winery Tasting room and so why not.

After Brenda’s nap we took the dogs for a walk along the Stowe Bike trail – very nice trail – lots of people using it and it goes past lots of businesses.

Passed by a Sculpture Park that we always enjoy.

Saw a Catholic Church that had the outside of the church building covered with burnt images of Father Damien and his history.

After all that walking we needed a time out at Idyetime Brewing – lots of people there and the bike trail goes right past it – almost like heaven.

There is so much more to do in the area – especially if you like adventure type activities – we need to come back and spend the summer – Stowe is one of our favorite cities.

Sunday is off to New Hampshire.

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