August 13, 2018 – Burlington, Vermont

There is not one straight road in New York State – the whole trip was winding roads and over hill and dale – but so scenic – enjoyed it despite going so slow. There are ferries across Lake Champlain but I didn’t want to go thru the hassle of loading and unloading – only 30 miles longer.

Notice the square guard rail.bur (4)Arrived at North Beach Campground (run by the city) in Burlington and got our spot for 3 days (was hoping for 4 but it’s a pretty popular place). Medium sized campground with a few FHU. It is located right on Lake Champlain and has a beach and bike trail within a short walking distance.

This is our first time in Vermont – so where is the Maple Syrup?

Tuesday overcast humid and chance of rain – but I have to bike ride since the trail is right here. I was able to get 11 miles – great trail along Lake Champlain.bur (5)

Then donated blood to the Red Cross – whatever I can do to help.

Brenda and I headed out to explore and visited the Vermont Teddy Bear Company – did the factory tour – good – and sent the grandsons an original American-made Teddy Bear

– did you know that Teddy Bear became the name because Teddy Roosevelt refused to kill a small bear while out on a bear hunt while president.

Then we visited some local watering holes to relax for the afternoon.

Wednesday I got to ride despite the rain during the night time – rode 18 miles on the Island Line Trail and made it to the “the cut” which is the causeway to the Grand Islands and where there used to be a draw bridge but now if you want to continue north you need to take a bike ferry for $8 round trip.

Went there with a wind behind me so the headwind on the way back was a little tough – but great scenery.

Took the dogs and Brenda and we headed downtown to walk the historic Church Street Marketplace – lots of shops and people – only pedestrians. It’s amazing how the dogs bring a smile to people’s faces as you walk along.

Then another watering hole – Vermont Pub and Brewery – first brewery in Vermont in 1988.

Also saw the World’s Tallest Filing Cabinet – yes it is real but I get a kick out of finding these quirky roadside sites.

Thursday is off to Stowe, Vermont.

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