August 7, 2018 – Seneca Falls, NY

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Had rain all night and not looking forward to driving in the rain – but to our surprise it stopped raining in the morning and we were able to drive east across NY without having too much rain. Did get water in my basement but wet roads will do that.

It is amazing western NY and the number of farms and old houses and old towns – lots of the towns had been established in the late 1700’s.

Arrived at Hejamada Campground about 2:30. Medium sized campground with gravel roads and gravel sites that are large. Have a pool and a happy hour bar with other activities for the kids. Not too full.

Wednesday had rain all night with more rain this morning.

Took off into Seneca Falls and visited the Women’s Rights NHS. In 1848 the women of the area met in Seneca Falls to discuss women’s rights and demanded equal rights with men. It wasn’t until 1920 that women got the right to vote and 2009 that women got equal pay. “We have come a long way baby.”

Women like Elizabeth Stanton, Mary Ann McClintock and Jane Hunt set the tone in 1848 for a great movement. They (68 women and 32 men) did sign a Declaration of Sentiments based on the Declaration of Independence. It is posted in the waterfall.

Walked along the Cayuga-Seneca Canal (which connected the area to the Erie Canal) and downtown.

Visited “It’s a Wonderful Life” museum – yes another movie museum and the reason it is here is because Zuzu (Karolyn Grimes) was a resident and the town of Bedford Falls was based on the town of Seneca Falls – they did look similar.

Stopped at Montezuma winery.

Thursday sun is shining and humidity is down.

First stop was Bass Pro Shop for a new Yeti top – mine is missing and I expect the dogs hide it (found it a few days later by the side of Brenda’s chair – did she hide it?

Then we visited the Harriet Tubman NHS – just created in 2017. Harriet was a famed abolitionist that freed more than 300 slaves on her trips down south.

She also was a nurse, scout and spy for the Union army. The house we saw was a home for the aged and homeless African Americans that she started – right next door is her house under restoration.

Then lunch at Prison City Brew Co.

Then to Lively Run Goat farm – just in time to go on a tour. Saw the goats and learned who they were and how to care for goats. Then we watched a movie on how to make cheese and the different types – very informative. Then we got to sample 10 different cheese samples and naturally buy some for home use.

Then stopped at Thirsty Owl Winery right on Cayuga Lake – great wines and a great view.

Do you know that there are lots and lots of wineries in this area – vineyards abound. So we stopped again at the Goose Watch Winery and had a tasting.

Enjoyed the Finger Lake area but next time stay longer!  In case you are wondering why they called this area the “Finger Lakes” check out this overall pic.sf (13)

Friday is off to Lake Placid, NY area.

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