August 3, 2018 – Niagara Falls, NY

Off we go again – weather has been overcast and 70’s – like that!

Decided to avoid Interstate route and wandered through small towns along Hwy 20 and Lake Erie Coastline – enjoyable and relaxing. Also avoided the toll road.

Did notice that getting into New York the roads are in worst shape.

Arrived at Cinderella Motel and RV Park – not the best park but it is close to Niagara Falls and cheap. Small park with paved road and gravel sites – they are close to each other but who is going to be here sitting in a camp chair when there is so much to see and we do have full hook ups.

Took the dogs and headed to the VC and then to Goat Island – WOW! Parking is $10 everywhere.


Walked around and saw the Canadian Falls at Terrapin Point


and then Bridal Falls (Luna Island) and then the American Falls


– that is a lot of water going over the cliff.


Then took a hike to Three Sisters Island upstream from the falls and it was amazing the rapids and how the birds could stand in the fast moving water.


Waited for the lights to come on the falls but you won’t see too much effect until later in the evening – try again another day.nfs (14)

Saturday we left to visit Lewiston – small historic district north of Niagara Falls but Brenda got sick on the way and we returned home. She is better.

After lunch we went to the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Historic Site in Buffalo – Buffalo is where President McKinley was shot during the Pan-American Expo and VP Roosevelt had to be sworn in as the 26th president immediately at the home of a friend.


Great site as they tried to duplicate the moments before the shooting and during the Inauguration.

Sunday didn’t make church today but we headed out for a tour of the Niagara Peninsula.

First stop was DiCamillo Bakery – seems to be “the” bakery about town since 1920.

Then Devil’s Hole Park in the Niagara River north of the Falls. Walked the dogs along the cliff.


Then a stop at Old Fort Niagara (had entrance fee and we weren’t staying too long) so we skipped entering onto the grounds.nfs (27)

Did see Lake Ontario.nfs (31)

Then a tour through wine country (lots of vineyards and wineries) and we stopped at two. Some of the NY dry whites were different than what we used to – guess I would have to have them with the food they were paired for.


Then to the town of Lockport on the Erie Canal – originally had a 5 step canal lock system nfs (35)to get the boats up 60 feet. Today it is only a two-step system. Watched a tourist boat go through the locks.


Amazing the engineering or thought process that took place back in those days (early 1800’s).


Monday I scheduled a Grayline Canadian Tour of the Falls. They picked me up at the campground and we began the journey – had to pick up another 12 people at different hotels across the area.

First had to cross the border into Canada – our tour guide was Canadian – and gave the inside scoop on the area and how the Canadians felt about the Falls – no political comments made.

First stop was the Skylon Tower and had a great panoramic view of the falls and towns.



Then we saw the falls from ground level on the Canadian side.


Then the Whirlpool Rapids and the Gorge.  The river actually swirls in the opposite direction.

Then we stopped for lunch.

Then we saw the Floral Clocknfs (63)

And the power plants.nfs (62)

Did you know that the falls were eroding the cliff edges by 1 inch per year until they slowed the amount of water going over the falls recently and now it is eroding at the rate of 1 inch per 10 years. Soon the falls will be called the Erie Falls (Lake Erie that is).

Did you know that Canada has a section of town that is like being at a Carnival?


Then we rode the Maid of the Mist – since the Canadian boats were one down and the line was 2-1/2 hours long – did I mention today was a Canadian holiday.


Got wet on the boat ride despite the free raincoats.


Then to the Duty-free shop and home we go. It was scheduled to be a 4 hour tour but we got our money worth and it lasted 7 hours. Docent was informative and giving on time.  Lots of chances to get your pic taken.


I can say for sure that there is way much more to do in the area than we even thought of – need to spend a week or two. And it was nice to be here where we had gotten married 22 years ago – though I don’t remember much site seeing at the time.

Tuesday we are off to Waterloo, New York – northern route to Maine.

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