August 1, 2018 – Erie, Pennsylvania

You could tell as soon as left the Ohio road system – smooth to rough – at least Ohio takes care of its residents and the wear and tear we have to spend extra money on.

Stopped at the David Berger Memorial – don’t recognize the name – he was in the 1972 Olympics and was an American and an Israeli and was killed in the assassination of the 11 Israeli athletes in Munich, Germany. This became a National Memorial in 1980.

The broken Olympic Rings – 11 (number assassinated) symbolize violence and peace.

Then we stopped at the James Garfield National Historic Site – he was our 20th president and was assassinated in office. The NP had restored his home and use the site for their VC and other events. We took the tour and watched the movie and got our stamp and Brenda her Junior Ranger Badge.

One thing we noticed in the house was the number of books and it is reported that he was a very learned man because he researched a lot and was therefore one of the most prepared men for the office of president. He also led many victories in the Civil War.

Arrived at Lampe Marina and RV Park late in the afternoon (3 PM) and got our site. A very nice small park on the water with paved roads and level paved sites – only Electric and Water – have to conserve on the sewage end.ep (14)

Did visit the VC in Erie and picked up stuff and then visited the Lavery Brew Company to catch a cold one.

We have had some rain but the temps are mid 70’s and I am not complaining.

Thursday overcast and 70’s – time for a bike ride. Brenda and I headed out – she quit about 3 miles out due to a detour and I continued on – I made it to Presque Isle State Park and got in 16 miles.

We headed out before noon and stopped at Sara’s restaurant – recommended for her hotdogs – good!  And a fun place!

Then we visited Presque Island State Park. Created in 1921 and had a bike trail all around it. Had the dogs so we hiked.

Saw the Perry Monument – Commander Perry began in Erie with the building of his ships and then continued on to the War of 1812 (see previous blog).ep (22)

Then saw the lighthouse on the north pier on Presque Isle.ep (26)

And walked the dogs on the beach.

And saw the Presque Isle lighthouse built in 1872.

Horseshow Pond at the east side of the park had houses on the water. Hadn’t seen that before.


And then the VooDoo Brewery downtown to kick back.

This area impressed and surprised us – was not expecting the lake port and the number of boats harbored in the area – but they say that Lake Erie is the best fishing lake of the Great Lakes. Much more to do in the area and would come back and spend a longer time here.ep (13)

Friday is off to Niagara Falls, New York.

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