July 26, 2018 – Berea, Ohio

Rode along Lake Erie shoreline to enjoy the view and when we get north of our destination, then we are headed south. Arrived at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds and it wasn’t clear where I was to go. Asked at the office and finally maneuvered our way to the camping area.

It’s a small campground with grass sites but full hook ups – only a few of us here and we have to be gone by Sunday morning early because they are getting ready for the fair.

Taking the afternoon to rest (from Cedar Pointe) and to figure out strategy to visit the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Friday we are off to Cleveland and to visit the Christmas Story House and Museum – yes the story takes place in Indiana but was filmed here in Cleveland. They have restored the house and created a museum and gift store – did get a nylon stocking lamp magnet.


Nice tour and was able to recall a lot of the movie – you could reenact parts of the movie


– CS is one of my favorite Christmas movies.


We got there just before opening and the line was 30 deep already – what gives?cuy (1)

Then we headed over to Cuyahoga Valley National Park. We did the movie and got my stamp and the magnet.


In the 1960’s development threatened the valley and citizens joined an effort to save the greenspace. In 1974 it became a national recreation area and in 2000 became a NP and protected 22 miles of the river and area.

Cuyahoga means crooked and crooked it is – it flows 90 miles and is only 30 miles from the beginning to the discharge point.

You may recall the Cuyahoga River burned in the 1950’s and 60’s that caused the government to enact the Clean Water Act of 1970. Today the river is a strong example of how people can heal a damaged river.

Hiked a ways on the Towpath Trail (it is 20 miles long). The Ohio & Erie Canal opened in 1927 and paralleled the Cuyahoga River and was the main transportation source between the East the Midwest.


By 1860 railroads took over the transportation duties and the use of the canal diminished.


You can even bike one way and ride the train back for $5.

Drove the Riverview Road thru the park.

There are more activities and trails to hike than we even came close to doing.


Saturday we are off to ride the Cuyahoga Scenic Railroad – gift from Amanda and Deidre and families.


Got to ride in the Upper Dome car – the last one built in America – and what a fantastic view from above.


Rode from Rockside Depot (Cleveland) to Akron Depot with stops in-between. Met a couple of different families and enjoyed the conversations. The NP took over the railroad in 1987 and began scenic rides in 1988.

Lots of Buckeyes along the way.cuy (36)


Even had a Christmas in July train car with Santa Claus.cuy (41)


When in Akron – see the Goodyear Blimp.cuy (39)


Did Sushi dinner locally and then home to relax.

Sunday have to be out of fairgrounds early and we are off to Streetsboro, Ohio.

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