July 19, 2018 – Monroe, Michigan

Driving north to Monroe – my hometown as a child. Michigan roads are HORRIBLE!

Arrived at Harbortown RV Resort by noon and got our spot set up. Nice medium size campground with paved roads and level sites and all the fixings of a resort – nice. Campsite fee is also more than normal, but I am here to see my brothers and that will be okay.  Did get to put my sticker on my map.

First stop was Vince’s Hotdog stand which started in 1955 and I remember going to as a kid with my parents 5 cent root beers and 25 cent hotdogs – today it was a little more expensive. But it brought back memories sitting there in the parking lot and gulping down a couple of dogs.


Then I visited the River Raisin Battlefield (don’t ever remember it from history) but there it was. Did the movie and got my stamp. I guess we didn’t hear much about it because we lost in the Battle of 1812 against the British.


“Remember the Raisin” the rallying cry from when the Indians had slaughtered the American wounded soldiers left behind after the British had defeated them. This all happened in January 1813 and the rallying cry became the foundation for eventual victory. Finally in 1815 the U.S. defeats the British for the final time.


The park was created in 2010.mo (5)

Stopped over at my brother’s condo in Luna Pier – first time I got to see his summer home. We then walked into town – my goal if I ever settle down again – stopped at a new local pub and had a drink on the patio – then walked to the Chateau Louise – an old seafood restaurant remember going there when I visited Monroe years ago (they had taken frog legs off the menu – I was disappointed) – and we walked back to Dave’s house.mo (9)

Friday we went back to Dave’s condo at 1 PM for an Italian Afternoon – my brother Jim and Tru (his significant other) was on their way – didn’t arrive until 2 – I predicted that.

Great to be with my brothers and their better halves. Chance to reminisce on the past and Brenda shared some information she had on the Presto family (my maternal side).

Meatballs and noodles at 5 – yum yum – reminded me of my grandmother’s meat balls. Fran was a great host and cook!



mo (12)Saturday we met a local bar to meet my cousin Bill and Poppy (his wife). Nice afternoon visiting and the hamburgers were juicy and running down your arm.mo (16)

Then over to Art Desmet (an old neighbor when I was a pre-teen and teenager) was retiring and Dave wanted us to see his mom – great party and a chance to see some past neighbors.mo (17)

Fran had to drive us home and she was “Fabulous” in her driving – the rest of us were in no shape to drive.

Sunday Dave was quiet and I got caught up with a few tasks around the coach.
Went over to Dave’s house about 4 PM and had a fish fry (snapper from the gulf coast)with some of his neighbors – great time.  You can tell it was a good party when I start wearing a hat.mo (19)

Will miss Monroe and the family and all the memories.mo (18)

Monday we are off to Sandusky, Ohio.

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