July 15, 2018 – Bellefontaine, Ohio

Another short jaunt on country roads to arrive near Indian Lake – this is Brenda’s paternal family home area – it seems like we are in the middle of nowhere.

Arrived at Ohio State Eagles (the FOE club) Recreation Area – thought it had FHU but they only have E/W which we can survive for 4 days. The roads are gravel and lots are short (our coach just fit in lengthwise). But it seems quiet on Sunday – probably parties on the weekends.b (14)

I spoke too soon about it being quiet – we are right across from the 6 horseshoe pits and they played all day Sunday until 8 PM.


Did take off and go to the Roundhouse Depot Brewing Company for a cold one in Bellefontaine – it was okay.

Monday Brenda is off to see graves and her uncle who is 94. He lives by himself. I washed part of the coach and walked the dogs.

We met up with Uncle Nelson later who still runs a marina (60 years) on Indian Lake and had dinner together.b (17)

Tuesday Brenda took off for the cemeteries and the court house. I stayed behind and did maintenance and washed windows on the coach.

Wednesday I took the dogs and we headed out for an adventure – in Bellefontaine?


First stop was the “First Concrete Street” poured in America. It was poured in 5’ x 5’ squares with no reinforcement. It is still there.


Second stop was the “Shortest Street” in America – McKinley Street – 20 feet long.


Final stop was the “Highest Point” in Ohio at an elevation of 1549 feet. Nice thing was you could drive to the top.


Thursday we are off to Monroe, Michigan – my hometown as a kid.

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