July 12, 2018 – Waynesville, Ohio

What beautiful horse farms in northern Kentucky – lots of them – they are all noted for their black fences.

Driving thru Cincinnati I remembered the Skyline Chili and it was lunch time – stop – why not and we found one that we could drive the motorhome and park in front.

Arrived at Frontier Campground in Waynesville (near Dayton) Ohio. A small campground in the woods (lots of trees therefore no SAT), but they had full hook ups (which seems rare in this area).

Brenda decided to visit the P Buckley Moss Gallery (she had quite the collection of the artist’s work but lost all of it in our house fire) – she only wanted to reminisce and look at the art work.

Then she found a Quaker Museum and then discovered she had family buried in the area – so we stayed another day to grave visit.

We were shocked when we pulled into the campground to be parked next to another Winnebago Forza the exact same color pattern – how unusual is that? I visited with the owner and discovered that we have been at the same campground the last three stops and we had met each other in Forest city Iowa 2 years ago when we were having our coaches worked on. And we have a mutual friend (Mike and Debi) in Punta Gorda, Florida.

Friday is our day to visit NP Historical sites – first stop was Dayton Aviation Heritage Park – it was unbelievable what Orville and Wilbur Wright did for aviation. Got the movie and stamp. Amazing the amount of tries they did to get a plane up in the air. The Wright Brothers were more famous in Dayton, Ohio than at Kitty Hawk.

The Wright brothers started out as bicycle builders in the late 1800’s before automobiles.

On December 17, 1903 they finally built the first plane and flew 12 seconds covering 120 feet.

They continued their experimentation in Dayton Ohio and finally in October 1905 they were staying aloft until they ran out of fuel – 39 minutes and 24 miles.

Also they had a section on Paul Laurence Dunbar a famous poet who lived at the same time as the Wright Brothers and they printed for Dunbar his newspaper “The Dayton Tattler”.

Then we went over to Carillon Historic Park to see the plane that the Wright Brothers finally flew with an engine but did the Carillon Brewery first and headed over to Huffman Prairie Flying Field – the location where the Wright Brothers experimented with their planes making 100’s of test flights over the 84 acre field.

Another good display for recognizing the Wright Brothers for their accomplishments and an outlook overseeing Wright Patterson Air force Base and the Huffman Prairie field.

Then we visited the Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers Monument – new NP site created in 2013. Had a tour of his house in Wilberforce, Ohio and as a soldier, diplomat, and civil rights leader, Charles Young overcame stifling inequality to become a leading figure in the years after the Civil War.

In the summer of 1903, Captain Charles Young would become the first African-American national park Superintendent when he and his troops were tasked to manage and maintain Sequoia National Park in northern California.

After dinner we visited with our neighbor (has the same motorhome as us) and he was working at getting rid of all the bourbon he had purchased in Kentucky as he was headed to Canada.

Saturday I rode the Little Miami Valley Scenic Trail (an old railroad bed) which ran for 57 miles. I only rode 15 and had a slow rise of 400 feet – very enjoyable.

Brenda left at noon to go to the Quaker Museum in Waynesville to research her family tree.

Sunday we are headed to Bellefontaine, Ohio.

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