Mid May to Early July 2018 – St. Louis, MO

I need to keep our story going and will try to summarize our stay in the STL area. We were in and out of the area six (6) times and spent 22 days there – What did we do? I’m not going to write the details but just give you my highs and the lows.

High Points
• Got to see my son Josh and wife Leah return from their 1-1/2 year adventure in the                   Bahamas – now they are planning a new adventure for them – ???ST (6)
• Got to see our grandson Michael and his family from South Carolina and visit the zoo.





• Brenda took Michael (and family) to see her mom at the Lake of the Ozarks.


• Saw lots of friends from past employment endeavors (7 happy hours/or dinners).ST (1)
• Twice at the new Hofbrau House in Belleville with lots of beer.ST (4)
• Camping downtown STL – didn’t even know such a nice park was there.
• BBQ cooking class at Arnold’s Grill shop.ST (5)
• Dogs had their doctor visit and are in good shape – got a pic of the x-ray.ST (8)
• Ate at numerous restaurants that are always great.
• Had a Concrete at Ted Drewes.

Low Points
• It was way too hot! Heat indexes over 100 degrees many days.
• Finished all our doctor’s appointments (repeated the Colonoscopy test twice – I was so          hungry) but we are all healthy and well.
• Received two broken windows on the motorhome and had them fixed.ST (3)
• Attended a Card’s game and they lost and it was way too hot!


• Missed seeing the renovated Arch Ground because it was too hot and the window took           all day to replace!ST (2)
• Missed pictures of all the other people I got to visit with – I’m going to have to work at             taking more pics of friends.
• Being caught in a Tornado Warning and nowhere to go.

Saying goodbye to family.


ST (25)

• Did I tell you it was tooooo hot?

I do admit I miss the area especially friends and family but I’m not sure if the motorhome AC would keep up if we stayed any longer. I will be back but in October 2019.

We are now heading to Bardstown, Kentucky to visit cousin and aunt and some bourbon distilleries.

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