June 23, 2018 – Bloomington, Indiana

Left Elkhart with clouds and a chance of rain and 62. Heading south.

Did something I have never done – stopped at a winery in the motorhome – our favorite – Oliver Winery in Bloomington, Indiana (oldest and largest winery in Indiana). Nervous as I drove onto the winery grounds as to where to park and noticed the parking lot full but there was an area of grass big enough for the coach. It hadn’t rained so the grass area was hard and I pulled in.

Did ask later if I could stay overnight in that spot but they say they have to clear the lot at the end of the day or insurance purposes – oh shoot!

Great wines and a fun tasting – then purchased a case to go and one extra to drink out on the patio with cheese and some meats. Beautiful afternoon.


After time on the patio and an hour of drinking water and walking the dogs we headed back to the coach and then over to the local Cracker Barrel for a night of boon docking.

Sunday we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast inside Cracker Barrel and was stuffed. Started driving west.

Arrived at George Rogers Clark Memorial in Vincennes, Indiana. Saw the movie and got the stamp – he was a remarkable military leader with determination to defeat the British in the Revolutionary War – which he did. George (1752 – 1818) marched 160 miles (with 170 volunteers) through the flooded area of southern Illinois and Indiana to defeat 3 forts (Kaskaskia, Cahokia and Vincennes) held by the British. His effort allowed the USA to win the West from Britain.

George Rogers was William Clark’s (of the Lewis and Clark Expedition) older brother.

grc (16)

Beautiful grounds where the fort was and where he defeated the enemy.

They were having a French settlement reenactment.

Left the historic site and headed back to St. Louis, Missouri.

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