June 20, 2018 – Elkhart, Indiana

Woke up to 65 degree – felt a little chilly – NOT! Cloudy and no rain!

Had to go through Michigan to get to Elkhart, Indiana, if I wanted to avoid paying tolls – even though campground right next to toll road. Mileage the same either way.

Arrived at Elkhart Campground about noon (we are now in Eastern Time Zone) and got a nice site. Paved roads with gravel sites with grass beyond the RV spotel (32) – first time I had seen this setup but it is nice. FHU and good Wi-Fi.

Went to visit the RV/MH Museum and Library – always thought MH stood for motorhome but it is “manufactured home”.


Great collection of old motorhomes including the oldest one from 1913, Charles Lindbergh’s Airstream and Mae West’s House Car. Interesting seeing the progressive of RV’s. We feel like we live in luxury today compared to the older ones.








Also they had a library with about every magazine published about camping and RV’s. You could peruse them at your leisure.

We did stop at Iechud Da Brewing Company – great beer and atmosphere. The name is a Welsh word which means “Cheers”.

Thursday Brenda took off to Noble County to find her family’s cemeteries – I get to play catch up at home and smoke some ribs.

Friday we had rain all night and this morning – temp only 62 – LOVE IT!

Took a drive by myself to South Bend – needed to pick up electric motor for coach’s steps at Lippert Warehouse – the “holy grail” of RVers.el (27) It was huge!

Took a drive thru Notre Dame University – quite the place.


Stopped at the South Bend Brew Werks for lunch and a cold one – great bar with good food.

Got back home and installed the motor and now my steps work – great!

Saturday we head south to Bloomington, Indiana.

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