June 17, 2018 – Indiana Sand Dunes

Only an hour drive through the country to the state park. A beautiful park with paved roads and level paved sites but only electric. We forgot to dump when we came in so it will be touch and go if we don’t have to move to empty our tanks – we will really have to be frugal with our wastewater.

Took off for the National Park Lakeshore VC.

Did the movie and got our stamp. The art work was fantastic.

Then over to Hunter’s Brewing to catch a late afternoon cold one – it’s okay – it is Father’s Day.

Went home and Brenda had purchased a huge Beef Tenderloin that will give us a few good meals. Grilled that and enjoyed the rest of the day.

Monday it is still hot (80 in the morning) but we went off for a bike ride – they have lots of trails to ride on – we did 5 miles and had worked up quite a sweat.

I then took the dogs on a hike to Lake Michigan – nice walking trails over the dunes and to the lake.

The dogs wouldn’t even go in the water once they arrived – I thought they were so hot they would have jumped in but no way!

What was impressive was the fact that along the Lake Michigan coast numerous factories and power plants were built years ago and the people realized that we would not be able to see and use the lake because of all the industrial development, so the State Park was established in 1925 to protect the shoreline and sand dunes. In 1966 the National Lakeshore was created which protects 15 miles of shoreline and 15,000 acres of sand dunes – it also created a Port for ships within the same area.

We made it back – had to climb Mt. Tom, which was 192 feet up and another 192 feet down – the dogs are exhausted.

Still extremely hot outside and since I’m not going outside we took a ride to 3 Floyd’s Brewing in Munster IN. What a place – quite eccentric with their wild designs – and the beer was great. They don’t fill growlers but I did get a six pack.

Did finally find a pellet smoker tube to do cold smoking – cheese here I come.
Tuesday woke up with a shock – only 68 degrees outside – what happened?

Rode the bike for a ways and then relaxed for the day.

Love camping in a State Park as it reminds me of the old days of camping before Glamping. You see so many families with their tents and popup campers and the little ones riding their bicycles on the paved roads. SP are so beautiful – scenery wise and quiet too – no alcohol allowed here (at least outside).

Lots to do in this area and probably deserves 2 weeks instead of just a few days. We’ll be back.

Wednesday we are off to Elkhart, Indiana.

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