May 25 & June 8, 2018 Weekends in Springfield, Illinois

What a ride with plastic on the window – did you know that duct tape doesn’t stick to a waxed coach – poor Brenda had to hold parts of the plastic to keep it all from ripping away – after we retaped the window 4 times.

Arrived in Springfield – after driving 45 mph on the interstate – didn’t want Brenda to get sucked out of the window – at Double J RV Park – nice park with gravel roads and gravel level sites. Well maintained park.

I did buy some Plexiglas to install to cover window and I built a frame to hold it all in.


Brenda took Hailey shopping and started her on knitting.

One day I picked Matt and Hailey up for Pickleball – first court being refurbished, second full of people and finally we played on a tennis court. It was fun playing Pickleball with family.IMG_0007

We did go bowling which I haven’t done in years and it showed in the score.


And we did make one brewery Obed & Isaac’s.

Lots of fun with the family and as the grandkids get older it is exciting to see them develop and find their interests and passions.

Don’t do a lot of detail when it is a family visit.IMG_0070

Family is doing well, Matt is working a lot to get his remodeling done, Naomi keeps the house and helps Matt along the way, Kensi is Kensi and becoming a teenager and Hailey has lots of interests and enjoys life.

Will miss them as you never know what’s going on there but it will be fun.
Off to northern Indiana to see some friends.

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