May 13, 2018 – Camdenton, Missouri

Love eastern Oklahoma – so green and filled with tree. Avoided the OK turnpike and took 40 east and 69 north and even got to drive a portion of the Old Historic route 66 in Kansas – seemed out of the way but that’s where the Garmin took me – and I follow faithfully.

Was going to stop in Joplin at the Cracker-barrel but it was hot and early so we continued on to Springfield, MO. People must not be able to read in this part of the state – all cars parked in the RV section – we parked in the car section and will see what happens.

Still hot and humid – no wonder I don’t return often to Missouri.

We did stop at the Lost Signal Brewery and enjoyed a couple of brews and some food – great Double Smoked Porter.

Monday we did partake of breakfast at the Cracker-barrel which is always a treat.

Arrived at Ozark’s Trail RV Park in Linn Creek – we have been here before – trees are in full bloom and may not get SAT. We did squeeze in-between some branches.IMG_4405

Tuesday did get a chance to play Pickleball indoors – it was tough because it’s been two months and the glare of the lights and they use a yellow ball and did I tell you about the humidity.

Most of the time with MIL is happy hour and wineries and enjoying her company.


Friday I was invited to ride a big boat with contractor I previously worked with – he invited other public works directors from the Chicago area – all day drinking and boating – stopped at pool bars – swim to get your drinks – wild time – then out to dinner – great day.


Monday we are off to St. Louis, Missouri.

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