May 9, 2018 – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

On the way north, we stopped at Chickasaw National Recreational Area – beautiful part of the country compared to what we have been through the last few months – trees and hills and lakes.

Found the VC after crossing a low-water crossing with the motorhome with water running across the road– a little scary but we made it.

Saw the movie and got the stamp.

The mineral springs

were dedicated to the federal government in 1902 by the Chickasaw Indians to preserve the springs and lakes and the area to avoid people in overdeveloping some of our natural resources. The park eventually grew to over 10,000 acres.

They even had a fenced in area for the local bison but we didn’t see them through the trees.

Lots to do in this area and looks like next time spend a week or two and enjoy the beautiful recreational area.

Back on the road and into Oklahoma City by 2 PM. Roadrunner RV Park is a medium sized park – our section is brand new – that had paved roads with curb and gutter and concrete sites with lots of grass and space to be separated from your neighbor. Nicest park we have been in for a long time.

Brenda visited the Historical Society this evening.

Thursday Brenda was off to the library and somewhere else to do her research.

I mentioned the wind – yes it was extremely windy this afternoon and it broke the plastic latch that holds our door open – time to replace.

It was so windy that the dogs went out – did their business and wanted back into the coach. It was blowing their ears all the way back to their butts.

Skyline of OKC.

Friday Brenda has finished her research or all that she can do here so we took off for the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum in memory of the 168 lives lost in the OKC Bombing on April 19, 1995.

How impressive and dramatic – as a memorial should do – it took you back to the time it happened – a very thorough display of exhibits that brought back all those memories.

Did watch numerous movies and got my stamp – it was a powerful memorial.

The display of the 168 chairs on the lawn was such a moving memorial.

The display of chairs had the names of all the victims on the chairs and they were placed by floors on which the people were when the bomb went off.ok (26)

At each end was a tall wall  with 9:01 and 9:03 on them – the bomb went off at 9:02 and what was in-between the two walls was the aftermath.

Outside was a statue of Jesus as a memorial of the 168.

Afterwards we went to Tucker’s Onion Burger which is a local food tradition in OKC – great burger and yes it was very oniony.

Then over to the OKC Museum of Art

to see a display by Dale Chihuly – Again impressive – tower of glass 55 feet high!

And finally and it’s been a long time – the nearest brewery which was Anthem Brewing Co – enjoyed a cold one to end the afternoon.

Saturday we visited Bricktown in OKC – they have numerous different neighborhoods with different themes – this one as the name states – almost all the buildings were constructed of the dark red clay soil (bricks) from the area.

Saw the murals.

Walked around the area and saw a variety of things.

Saw the “Riverwalk” or Bricktown Canal (one mile long) and rode the boat. Nice tour through the neighborhood and learned about the local history.ok (60)

Saw a Coyote Ugly Saloon but didn’t go in after I read the rules – “could get wet” – I remember the movie.

Visited the “Put a Cork in It” winery – they import the juice and make their own wines.ok (92)

Had dinner along the canal.

Walked to the end of the Riverwalk and saw the “Land Run” – so impressive. On April 22, 1889 at high noon the government opened 2 million acres of unassigned land and 50,000 people made a run to make their claim.  How exciting for those homesteaders!

Finally ended at the Bricktown Brewery – full service brewery with lots of people eating and drinking. Surprised they only serve 4 % ABV beer (you can’t sell food with beer manufactured on the same site – law changes in November) at their own establishment (State Law). It was okay beer.

Sunday is heading toward Camdenton, Missouri – boon-dock one night on the way.

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