May 7, 2018 – Ardmore, Oklahoma

Beautiful day to travel – getting warmer and will be hot this afternoon. Short drive north to Ardmore. This is our first time to stay overnight in Oklahoma – we’ve avoided the state in the past due to it being nicknamed “Tornado Alley”. They just had tornados recently.

Hidden Lake RV Park is a hidden lake off the interstate but has gravel roads with paved sites and they are large – nice campground, even the lake is swimmable and lots of grass to walk the dogs.

Even though it is Brenda’s birthday today she is off to Madill to begin her family research in this area.

Brenda spent the whole afternoon researching.

I did take her to a local Mexican restaurant for dinner – she didn’t want to wear the sombrero and have them sing Happy Birthday in Spanish to her.

Tuesday she is off to Madill again for more research.

I spent the day relaxing and doing paperwork – if you want to call it that??

Brenda returned about 5 PM with some successes and many frustrations – it’s difficult when many of the old records have been destroyed by fire and disasters.DSC_0001

Wednesday is off to Oklahoma City for more research and to see the OKC National Monument.

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