May 5, 2018 – Fort Worth, Texas

Rough start this morning as the water from the toilet had overflowed in the middle of the night and the basement was all wet – haul all the stuff out and begin the drying process!

We took off with a partial dry basement knowing that we would have to finish when we get to our next stop.

Drive across Texas is long and flat and not too scenic – oh well at least we are moving in the right direction.fow (1)

Lots of wind farms east of Vernon.

fow (2)fow (3)

Lots of ranches along the rest of the trip.

Arrived at Cowtown RV Park about noon. Medium-size park with paved main road and paved level sites. This park is located west of Fort Worth and had the best reviews but next time to visit Fort Worth it would be easier to choose another park closer – they even had camping at the Stockyards for $75 a night.fow (57)

Brenda is off to downtown Fort Worth to begin her family research and I am drying out the basement.

This is what they say about SAT under the trees – we did get reception.


She finally returned at the end of the day and we rested.

Sunday we left the dogs and went to the Stockyards – what a treat. Between 1866 and 1890 cattle drives came through Fort Worth and headed north through Indian Country – therefore the town got the nickname “Cowtown”.


In 1886 when the railroad came to Fort Worth local investors built the stockyards to bring together all the cattle and sell them under one roof. Even the meat packagers (Armour and Swift – one in the south end and the other the north end) built factories here to butcher and pack for market. Over 160 million head of cattle were sold here.fow (11)

We saw the longhorn cattle in their pens.


Then saw the cattle drive through the street – big animals. “Head ‘em up and move ‘em out”


Ate lunch and then Brenda headed back to the library for research.

Saw the Cowboy Walk of Fame.

I stayed and walked around town – lots of bars and tourist trap stores – lots of cowboy music.

Did see Billy Bob’s the largest “honky tonk” in the world.fow (26)fow (27)


Did listen to a Western Swing band play outside.

Did see a gunfight.  And the good guy sure did look like John Wayne.


You could ride the mechanical bull.

Or you could sit atop one of the long horns for $5 – they were big!


Late afternoon at the cattle pen.

Did see the cattle drive again as they do it twice a day.fow (45)

The Stockyards are a great place to spend a few days and browse and get entertained – even have a rodeo on weekends and a Wild West show – didn’t participate this time.


What was scary this afternoon was the fact that my phone battery died and I had no way to contact Brenda or know when she was returning. She did find me at the end of the day.

You know you are in Texas when you see one of these.fow (54)

I will have to admit that we never touched all that Fort Worth had to offer – this was Brenda’s stop – we will be back again.

Probably shocked everyone that we missed all the breweries in town and there are a bunch of them.

Monday is off to Madill, Oklahoma – yes Madill – again Brenda’s stop for research.

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