May 3, 2018 – Vernon, Texas

Woke up this morning to blue skies – you see we have been following the severe weather (tornadoes) that has threatened Texas and Oklahoma – it seems we have been a day or two behind it which is okay for us.

Trip across Texas – the panhandle portion is boring – flat and treeless.road1
Lots of wind farms – as the wind always blows here.

Arrived at Rocking “A” RV Park right after lunch. Medium-sized park with gravel roads and level gravel sites which is good – you do notice puddles of water as it stormed here last night – today is blue skies and mid 80’s. Park is half empty with some full time residents.

Haven’t explored the town of Vernon yet but we are here so that Brenda can do genealogy research in Oklahoma right across the border.

Friday we are still behind the severe weather so we are doing a happy dance.

Did paperwork and pay bills this morning – this park has great Wi-Fi.

I knew there had to be something famous about this city – Roy Orbison was born here and they have a small billboard to recognize that fact and are hoping to raise money and build a statue to recognize him.

Did take the dogs downtown and walk Main Street – lots of closed buildings.

The town chose the name Vernon, after George Washington’s home, Mount Vernon.

An estimated seven million head of cattle passed through Vernon on the Great Western Cattle Trail between 1873 and the 1890s. The historic trail was located ninety miles west of and parallel to the better-known Chisholm Trail.IMG_4393

We got here too early for the rodeo – next weekend this town will be hopping.IMG_4392

Saturday is off to Fort Worth so Brenda can do family research and I might see some cows.

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