April 30, 2018 – Amarillo, Texas

Long drive today so we were ready to leave by 8:30.

We did something special on the way – we drove the Singing Road – yes a singing road. It was created in October 2014 and was done to get drivers to slow down and is located east of Albuquerque on Historic Route 66.


You had to drive at exactly 45 mph on the rumble strips and you could hear the music America the Beautiful – it worked!

You can look at YouTube and see a good clip of the music at


The rest of the trip was uneventful and not too scenic – New Mexico and Texas in the high plains in this area is flat and dry and windy.

Arrived at Amarillo Ranch RV Park (now called Big Texan) and got our site. It’s a medium size park with paved roads and level gravel sites – they do have a pool. They are also connected with the Texan Steakhouse where if you can eat a 72 ounce steak and fixings in one hour you can have it free – don’t think I am going to try it. They even have a limousine that will take you to the steak house.

Tuesday is overcast and some wind – was quite windy last night. They serve donuts and coffee here in the morning so had to take advantage of that.

We took off this morning and visited the Cadillac Ranch, where someone has half buried Cadillacs in the field (same angle as the Great Pyramids in Egypt) in 1974. Part of the purpose was to show the evolution of the tail fins between 1949 and 1963. In the last few years people have been spray painting graffiti on them – typical tourist trap on Route 66.

Then drove over to Palo Duro Canyon State Park – which is the largest canyon in the USA after the Grand Canyon. They (the CCC in the 30’s) created a 16 mile road to go down into the canyon with camping and hiking. Nice drive and in the summer time they have an open-air theatre that tells the story of the early settlement of Texas.

Warm that day and even the dogs sought out shade.

Couldn’t help but stop at the only brewery in Amarillo outside of The Big Texan. Okay beer but refreshing.

Wednesday did you know the weather is still windy – it never seems to stop?

We took the dogs and headed north to Alibates Flint Quarry NM created in 1965. There are 720 quarries that the Native Americans mined flint and used it for tools and arrows – even traded the material as there was so much at this location. We didn’t get to see the quarry pits as you had to schedule a time with the ranger ahead of time to go beyond the gate – next time.

Then proceeded further north to see the Lake Meredith NRA. Oh what a beautiful lake with cliffs all around. The Sanford Dam created this lake. Had lunch (from home) above the lake.

Dropped everyone off at home and I went to the Jack Sisemore Traveland RV Museum (at the local RV dealer). A great collection of old campers and Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Those were full scale motorcycles stacked.

They had the 1921 Ford Lamsteed Kampkar and even the 1848 Fexible bus used the Gornike family in the Robin Williams movie RV and many more specials.ama (43)ama (44)ama (42)

Then drove down Historic route 66 – can’t get away from it as we head east. My bucket list is to drive the entire route from Chicago to LA all in one time period.

The limousine picked us up at 6 and took us to the Big Texan for dinner. Quite the tourist attraction – gift shop, statues, 3 piece cowboy band walking and playing on the floor, shooting gallery, ice cream shop, and on and on.

Food was good and they even have their own brewery which we enjoyed. Limo picked us up at the door and dropped us back home.

There was lots more to do in Amarillo but we didn’t plan enough time – next time.

Thursday we are off to Vernon, Texas.

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