April 26, 2018 – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Would you believe we hit the road by 8 AM – we are getting good at this get up and go stuff?

Traveling along I-40 east – a lot of desert – did you know that deserts cover 9% of the lower 48 states and I have been in the desert since December of 2017 – I need to knock off the dust and move on – looking forward to new scenery?

Kind of scary seeing these signs.abq (5)

The scenery did change in New Mexico as we got over 7000 feet elevation again.abq (3)

Did stop at the El Morro NM. El Morro is a cuesta, a long formation gently sloping upward and then dropping off abruptly at one end. To the Indians of the area this represented immortality.

We did hike Mesa Top Trail loop. There were petroglyphs and a pool of water in the middle of the desert.

And did stop at the El Malpais but the Visitor’s center was closed. El Malpais stands for “the badlands” and this area was created from lava flows that formed caves or tubes – which you can hike but we didn’t find out how to do that – some even have ice in them during the summer period. One tube is 17 miles long for the extreme hiker.

Once we got back on I-40 the warning signs were posted with pictures of trucks on their sides – strong crosswinds – the wind did pick up but not too extreme – I just had to hold on with both hands and not get distracted.

Arrived at American RV Park by 3 PM – another time zone change – and got our site. Medium size park with paved roads and sites – even gated – looks like a nice park – even has free continental breakfast – will see!

Friday up and at em’ – good breakfast for continental – not cooked eggs and sausage but filling.

I signed up and paid ($20) to wash my coach over the next 3 days – no since rushing into the whole job in one day – besides I’m HDAD and can’t focus on one thing too long. Did wash the front and back today.

We took off this afternoon and visited the Petroglyph NM – impressive. Saw the movie and got our stamp.

What was impressive for me was the fact that Albuquerque was growing fast and some of the people of the town realized the petroglyphs would be gone if the growth continued and within 5 years created the national monument to protect those sketches. It became a NM in 1990.

In the park there are over 24,000 images pecked into stone – some recognizable as animals, people crosses and other more mysterious. And for the Indians these images are sacred.

We did hike the Boca Negra Canyon and saw many petroglyphs. It was a tough trail doing up and over lots of rocks.

After all that hiking had to stop at the La Cumbre Brewing Company and cool off.
Saturday needed to attack one side of the coach and get it clean – done!

Took the dogs and Brenda and visited Historic Old Town (over 300 years old) – lots of old Puebloan buildings and lots of stores. Lots of Native American jewelry and art work. Did have a green Chile hamburger, which the area is famous for.

Even a dead tree has been spiritualized!

Did drive a portion of Route 66 – did you know that Albuquerque has the longest section of Route 66 within its city limits.

Went past the University of New Mexico,abq (63) downtown and Nob Hill – 1920’s architecture and Route 66 neon – finally turned around and went back to the Petroglyph NM and Brenda was able to get her badge for completing the work book.

We did stop at Lave Rock Brewery – got its name from the fact that this area is covered with lots of exposed lava rocks from the 5 volcanos that erupted in this area.

Spring is pretty in the desert!

Sunday we did find a church to worship at – it was confirmation Sunday which meant the service lasted 1-1/2 hours – good service as we are reminded that God has given us our faith and we are to act accordingly.

One of the people in the pew behind us recommended to try El Pinto restaurant for lunch and we did – fantastic food and margaritas – it was an old hacienda style restaurant.

Back home and finished washing the coach – stay away rain!

Then we took the dogs to hike the Piedras Marcadas Canyon trail which had numerous petroglyphs – at least the trail was fairly level and in sand.

Dogs even sought out shade.abq (70)

Hot today so we found the Marble Brewing Company which had a band and lots of people hanging out on the patios and inside. Great local young person hangout.

ABQ (learned this is how the locals write Albuquerque) has a lot to offer and we didn’t begin to see everything – missed balloon ride, tram ride up mountain, 50 mile bike trails and much more. Will come back for the big balloon fest one of these Octobers.

Monday is off to Amarillo, Texas

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