April 20, 2018 – Flagstaff, Arizona

I cannot describe the beauty of the mountains of southern Utah and northern Arizona – it made me speechless. It was a site everyone needs to see – unfortunately I haven’t got the GoPro up and running – I kick myself each time I come down a road like this and I forgot the GoPro in the box.

The most spectacular was where we crossed the Colorado River – the river sure has eroded these mountains and has created such wonderful canyons.

We had rain and some snow along the way – nothing to make the trip miserable – besides I could see all these red and white rocks projecting above the horizon.

We did stop at Glen Canyon National Recreational Area (which is a part of Powell Lake). The world’s highest dam that created Lake Powell.

Stopped at the Visitor’s Center and watched the movie – impressive how much water is stored behind the dam and how many people benefit from it. Again the scenery was beyond words – and I know the pictures won’t do justice as it has been overcast all day.

Did arrive in Flagstaff (another time zone change) about 1 PM at Woody Mountain Campground on old route 66. A medium size campground tucked in among the pine trees with gravel roads and sites – at least we have a full hookup. Was nervous about the satellite but we did manage to find the satellites in the sky between the tall pines.

We did have snow fall on us as we arrived – dogs were not happy during their introduction walk.

Brenda realized these pine trees have the long needles and started collecting them for next year’s hobby – basket weaving.

We took off to the Visitor’s center and gathered information and the lady also informed me the Beaver Brewery was within walking distance and her favorite – why not! The brewery was near the developed area and there was a lot going on in the area. We did get to hear live music while we drank. Then home to relax.

Saturday woke up to 27 degrees – probably our coldest temp traveling this year – but the sun is out and there is no snow predicted.

We took off for Sunset Crater Volcano NM – it would have been a short trip but half way there I realized I forgot the camera – so back home. We did find the Visitor’s center and see the movie and get the stamp.

Sunset Crater is interesting, youngest volcano on the Colorado Plateau, erupting about 1100 AD. This was created as a National Monument when a movie company wanted to create a landslide by blowing up the side of the volcano in 1928.

We did hike some of the trails. It was amazing the amount of lava that had accumulated.

Did stop at a vista to see the Painted Desert.

We then continued on the loop road and found the VC for Wupatki NM. No movie but did get the stamp. We were able to visit some of the Puebloan houses from 800 years ago.

On the way back (it had been hot 73 and dry – you know this area is in an extreme drought) we found Mothers Road Brewing and enjoyed a nice IPA and stout – lots of people gathered there as they had outdoor music and pet-friendly patio. Sunday all growler refills are $9 – I’ll be there.

Sunday is off to church and then brunch – church good and brunch – at Toasted Owl – had to wait 20 minutes (after 1PM) but the prosciutto and brie omelet was worth the wait. Yes everything decorated in owls.   A combination coffee house with food and beer (hint Josh).

Did buy 2 growlers – brewery was across the street from lunch.

Spent the afternoon at Walnut Canyon NM – yes there are Arizona Walnut trees.

We did walk the rim with the dogs.

I guess the hike down in the canyon – Island Trail – would have been the highlight – I mile and 273 steps down- but it was late afternoon and warm. Besides no dogs on the trail.

There are numerous cliff dwellings built into the ledges of the canyon.

Did find Historic Brewing Co. on the way back to the house. It was out in the industrial area of town but had a nice area inside to drink. Spent the whole time there (besides drinking the IPA) talking with another couple who was in love with our dogs and just bought a travel trailer.

Monday started slow but we knew it was warmer outside. We goofed off in the morning and after lunch we took the dogs and went to the Historic Downtown and walked around. Town is full of restaurants and bars and Route 66 buildings – enjoyed the walk about. Town is in good shape and looks like a lot is going on.

We did walk past the Flagstaff Brewing Company and did stop – found out after we ordered our beers that dogs were not allowed on the patio – no one said anything so we stayed. The brewery was right downtown and had a nice patio area and it was full of people. Beer was good too.

As usual, springtime and flowers a bloom.

What did we like about Flagstaff; 1st was the elevation of 7000 feet (cool summers), bike trail system (didn’t get to ride), college town, observatory, Route 66 and so many other outdoor activities and near to many National Parks.

Tuesday is off to Petrified Forest NP.

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