April 18, 2018 Kanab, Utah

Got an early start this morning (8:30) and there was no snow.

The drive south from SLC is so beautiful as you are in a valley driving with mountains (snow covered) on each side. Easy drive. Those early settlers figured out the easiest way to go.

As we got closer to Kanab the mountains became so much prettier – with colors and shapes that are indescribable – will have to get some pictures.

Arrived at Kanab RV Corral a little after 2 – our goal – small campground with gravel roads and level sites – FHU and Wi-Fi.

Small world – while walking the dogs around the park a couple called out my name – we had met them at Rincon in Tucson on the wine shuttle – they are visiting the national parks in Utah.

Relaxed and caught up on past paper work (Tecopa didn’t leave us much time to do busy work) the rest of the evening.

Thursday is 45 degrees and overcast – what do you expect in the mountains.

We understand the area is very dog friendly and we took them with us to hike the Bunting Trail. Beautiful hike – trail is 1.6 miles to the top of the mountain – we didn’t make it to the top but put a good dent in the climb. Dogs had a great time and we need to get in better shape.

Coming down was a little harder.

Then proceeded over to Johnson Canyon which is a driving tour on a paved road. They published a brochure that indicated the sites to see and the mile marker.

We saw the Lion’s Head.

And the Eagle Gate Archkan (28)

The Pioneer Grave.kan (30)

Saw the Gunsmoke TV show’s set location. Kind of falling down but it is the location where the show was filmed.

White Mountains

Pioneer Farm.

Pioneer Billboard.kan (42)

Mountains are so beautiful.

I knew when I drove into town the area looked familiar – didn’t realize that it was the location for many cowboy films.

Visited the Little Hollywood Museum where there were many props used in some of those cowboy movies. Again the stuff is getting old and falling apart because it is a free museum and not much money goes back into maintenance.

They did have a list of their Hollywood Walk of Fame – over 200 actors directors have plaques around town talking about their work in the area. I walked part of the trail to see who had been here. Pics of my favorite ones. Everyone from John Ford to Clint Eastwood to Chuck Connors.

The reason this became a popular movie location was because of the beautiful red rocks in the background which added to the movies as they came into Technicolor.

Kanab was a great city to use as a basecamp as many of the National Parks are within a short drive. We will be back as one of my goals was to reach the North rim of the Grand Canyon but it doesn’t open until after May 15 – next time! And there are a lot of hiking trails in the area.kan (56)

Friday is off to Flagstaff Arizona to experience mountain living – elevation 7000.

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