April 7, 2018 – On the way to Salt Lake City, Utah

On the road by 12:30 PM and the temp is already 95 – can’t drive fast enough away from Death Valley.

Trip east wasn’t too eventful. We did want to visit the Tule Springs Fossil Bed NM in Las Vegas and we found a Clark County Shooting Park that has numerous sites for RV’s and you get a full hook up – time to catch up on the wash.

Park is nice if you don’t mind the sound of guns going off during the day. They have skeet and different ranges for the gun enthusiast – even bow and arrow.

And the park overlooks the town of Las Vegas – should be interesting tonight.

Sunday is off to visit the Tule Springs Fossil Bed National Monument. A new site created by Obama and no Visitor’s Center established yet. It was a huge area and we found a kiosk near a residential road in North Las Vegas. No indication where the fossils were but we walked a portion of the area for exercise and to say we were there – no movie.

Then off we drove off to our next stop – Cedar City, Utah.

More desert until we came to Virgin River Pass – oh what a sight. The Virgin River cut a canyon through the mountains and the road curved through the mountains coming very close to the cuts – wish I had my GoPro hooked up.

Again arriving in Utah the mountains began to rise out of the desert and become a sight to behold. Beautiful drive up I-15 north.

Arrived at Cedar City (elevation about 5700) and the weather was a cool 65 degrees – what a change from the desert but I am not complaining. Found the Cedar City KOA a medium size campground with large sites and FHU.

Monday woke up to 40 degrees and loving it.

We took off to explore the city after lunch. Walked the Historic District and enjoyed looking at the many quaint shops. Dogs do enjoy a walk around the city.

Drove through the campus of Southern Utah University – most outdoorsy campus in USA.slu (14)

Stopped at the Park Discovery and they created a playground designed by kids – looked quite unique and made me miss the park work I was involved in UCity.

Took a ride into Cedars Canyon and was hoping to make it to Cedar Breaks (reason we stopped here) but it was indicated that it was closed – hoping the snow had all melted.

Beautiful drive from 5000 feet to 10,000 feet – and yes Cedar breaks was stilled closed – in fact we found the entire area covered in snow. It was amazing to go from one day at 101 degrees in the desert and the next to be able to play in snow.

Tuesday we packed for the final leg to Salt Lake City anxious to see Tecopa and family.

All interstate so the drive was easy and no monumental hills – 6600 feet was highest pass.

Arrived at Mountain Shadow RV Park in Sandy, Utah (same city where family lives). Medium park with paved roads and sites. Close quarters and lots of year round residents but everyone seems friendly. Lots of tiny houses here.

We did get to visit with Amanda and Tecopa and Stu at their house. Was nervous how Tecopa would react to our presence since it’s been a year since we (Brenda saw him in December) saw him. Everything went great and we played with his trucks and building blocks.

When you first visit, he likes to show you his light pole in the yard.slu (37)

Wednesday Brenda went over to Tecopa’s for the morning and I worked at finalizing our federal Taxes – Uggh!

I also made a repair to the light in the shower that has been out for a while – since Camping World is so close – I walked there – I got the parts and now we can see in the shower.

I visited after Tecopa’s noon time nap and we stayed for the rest of the day. Brought the dogs with us and they stayed in the backyard – no conflict between Tecopa and the puppies except when Tecopa showed Hansel his carrot and Hansel grabbed in and high tailed it across the backyard – lesson learned – hopefully.

Tecopa was fascinated with the dogs’ water dish which eventually ended up on his belly.

Thursday I dropped Brenda off at Tecopa’s and they were going to the aquarium nearby for an adventure – I ran some errands.

Later spent the day with Tecopa playing in his backyard – lots of running.  The flowers were in bloom in-between the snow storms.

Friday we woke up to 2 inches of snow – you have to be kidding me – but that’s what happens in the mountains – melted away by 2 PM.

Brenda went into downtown to the Genealogy Building of the LDS and did research on the family tree.

We then spent the rest of the afternoon with Tecopa and Brenda did babysit that night while Stu and Amanda went out on a date – isn’t that what grandparents do?slu (60)

Saturday I went back to Tecopa’s house and picked up Brenda and we all went to the Wheeler Farm nearby to explore the farm and see the animals. Tecopa can sure move around for a little guy – wore grandpa out. We did lunch together and Tecopa was ready for his nap.

Loves to drive the big green tractor.

Never did catch the ducks!

Took Amanda to the airport – she was flying out to Belleville, Illinois to attend her paternal grandmother’s funeral.

Sunday is our day of rest – church – breakfast at a French Restaurant Bake 360 (pork belly benedict) and a stop at Bohemian Brewing Company. Stu had Tecopa and we gave them time (he is leaving tomorrow for a week).

Monday our job was to watch Tecopa (Stu and Amanda gone) for the day. We played blocks, walked around the block 3 times, watched Bugs the movie and much much more.

Had to show off my engineering skills with building a high rise.

I did pick Amanda up at the airport that evening and we were back home.

Tuesday – you guessed it – back to Tecopa’s – and yes it did snow again – Tecopa had about 4 inches on his deck.

Tried our hand at making a snowman.

We decided to learn how to make snow pops.

We did say goodbye this evening to Amanda and Tecopa – We had a hard time saying goodbye.

Wednesday is off to Kanab, Utah.

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