January 2, 2018 Tucson, Arizona

I decided not to publish a daily blog for Tucson because you would have become bored of all the times I played Pickleball and Bingo, rode my bike on the trail, the numerous pottery items Brenda made, how many breweries we visited and wineries (yes there are wineries in southern Arizona) and all the great restaurants we ate at and the potlucks and happy hours we attended. You surely would have been bored by all the meats I smoked and I even started smoking cheese.

All I want to say is that I was very nervous when we arrived because sitting 3 months in one location is something that we haven’t done for 3 years. Seeing people every day again and again is a new concept for us.DSC_0015

Well I can say, that after the 3 months this turned out wonderful – we have new friends and family bonds are stronger.

I did mention that my youngest brother Woodi (his real name is Dave but people here only know him by Woodi so I have become used to calling him that) lives here 7 months of the year (the other 5 is in Michigan).

We did spend a lot of time together – Super Bowl, Final 4, Beer and Wine Shuttles, home cooked meals and especially Pickleball (waiting for the final results of the standings to see if I rose above him).  A hike with my 2 brothers.

Did get to spend time with my nephew (his son) when he visited.IMG_4022

And even my middle brother Jim took time out from his Michigan snow bound winter to spend 10 days with us.

All in all the family time together was a wonderful thing – oh and before I forget – I got a hug from Woodi’s fiancé (wife) almost every day.

We did get to go on a breakfast horse ride (gift from the daughters)

and I watched the longest non-motorized parade in the USA,

replaced the washer in the coach (temporary dryer set up)DSC_0014and had the coach hand washed and waxed – she looks so pretty.DSC_0011

Also visited the top of Mt. Lemmon

and Saguaro National Park.

And Hansel and Gretel did great.DSC_0007

All in all this was a great time for both Brenda and I and we have already made our reservations for next year (January 10 – April 10) – hope you get a chance to stop by and see us.

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  1. As always, an enjoyable read. Continue on your adventures.


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