December 27 – Yuma, Arizona

Drive east was easy – roads in good condition – only had one pass to go over at 4,200 feet – no big deal. After a while we got into the true desert and it was flat for as far as you could see. Took a lunch break and you could feel the desert sun – hot.

Arrived at Cocopah Golf and RV Park – yes we are in the middle of a golf course and looking at all the golf carts you would assume many of these residents play. Large park with paved roads and where we are large gravel sites with all the hook ups.

Please note that Brenda and I are still feeling lousy.

Thursday woke up to warm and a sunny day – time for shorts.yu (15)

Spent most of the day smoking a chuck roast (9 hours) and it turned out good, turned into pulled beef.

Did walk the dogs numerous times today.

Friday woke up to warm and a sunny day – I think this is going to be repetitive. Did you know that Yuma holds the Guinness World Record for the most number of sunny days – 335.

We did take the dogs and went to the VC and then hiked the river trail (along the Colorado River) for a ways. Brought our lunch and enjoyed that in the sun.

The bridge over the Colorado River was the first opportunity to go from Ocean to Ocean.DSC_0007

Typical scene along the way.yu (3)

Then over to Martha’s Garden Date shop? And had a date shake and bought some dates for later consumption – it is sunny here a lot so they can grow dates.

And we stopped at the Prison Hill Brewing Company for a cold one – they do have a nice downtown area.yu (14)

Saturday is off to Gila Bend, Arizona.

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