December 22 – San Diego, California

Loaded up with oranges and began our trek south. Decided to avoid Los Angeles and took a slightly longer route past San Bernardino.

I realized California is divided into 3 different areas – the north was all Redwood trees and mountains – the central area was all crop land – the southern area was desert and mountains. It was enjoyable driving through the different areas and seeing how the people lived and survived.

Traffic wasn’t bad until I reached San Bernardino and all hell broke out – cars and trucks all over driving way much faster than I – we kept going – couldn’t stop for lunch because we couldn’t find a place to pull over – no rest stops.

Finally made it to Chula Vista – next to San Diego – at the San Diego KOA RV Park – large campground with paved roads and large gravel sites. KOA’s have lots of activities for everyone to keep busy. People were swimming in the pool.

Sand Sculptures for the season.

Temperature finally reached 70 degrees – it has been since March that we have had warm temps – can pull out the shorts again.

Friday woke up to nice weather.

We took off without the dogs to visit Cabrillo National Monument. It was located on the west side of San Diego and on the ocean. Saw the movie and got our stamp.


Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo was the first European to step in California soil in 1542.

The monument was established in 1913.

Great view of San Diego from up there.

We did hike up to the lighthouse and toured the area – which was built and lite in 1855 – It was 442 feet above sea-level which caused problems of the fog and low clouds and the light was extinguished in 1891.

Didn’t see any gray whales migrating south.

The wind must blow pretty consistent up here.DSC_0030

Even saw a touristDSC_0033 ship like Cabrillo’s.

Headed back to home and found the Chula Vista Brewery open and had a cold one.
Did more walking the dogs around the park.

Saturday is Christmas Eve. We did attend church at the local church and heard about the sign of Jesus coming.

We do have our minimalist Christmas decoration out

Did stop at Best Buy and bought Brenda her Bluetooth speaker she has been wanting.

While Brenda was grocery shopping I did more research on the washer (remember it has been broken for about a month and needs to be replaced as recommended by RV appliance repair man). Found out there a drain on the bottom of the front and figured out how to get it out – also discovered that we should be cleaning this every month – never done in 3 years. Got it all apart and found $2.52 in change stuck in the filter – no wonder it would not spin dry – water couldn’t get out. Put back together and everything works fine.

Did wine – cheese – bread – olives for dinner – one of my favorite meals.
Monday – Christmas Day – sunny and warm.

Went outside and the car would not start – battery dead – ouch! And it’s not even cold. Attach battery charger and wait.

We didn’t have any gifts to exchange with each other – we get what we want when we need them – see above I got Brenda her Bluetooth speaker and she got me two pairs of slippers – for the year.

Battery didn’t charge like a good battery should so we will see tomorrow.
Tuesday overcast day but not cold.

Took the car over to AutoZone and they checked the battery – “time to replace” – after $200 I was on my way.

Haven’t shared this but Brenda and I have been sick all week – I caught the cold from her and I feel lousy – so this trip to San Diego is kind of sad – neither of us felt that excited to explore the city so we will come back and enjoy another time. Sorry for the lack of pics.

Wednesday is off to Yuma, Arizona.

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