December 15 – Woodland, California 2x

Driving back to Sacramento area to pick up Brenda from the airport – she had a good time with her daughters and grandsons in Chapin, South Carolina – drive okay but still nervous when the only human in motorhome on the highway.

Arrived back at Yolo County Fairgrounds for 3 days – nice area but this week no one here except a couple of RVs.

Saturday 2 AM woke up to the Santa Anna winds blowing and feeling the coach rock – did lower the TV antenna to save it. Winds are blowing all day at about 25 MPH – dogs sure don’t like walking about with their ears flying about.

Wanting to see football (no SAT here due to winds) I headed to Davis (college town), just south of us and first stopped at In-N-Out Burger for lunch then to Three Mile Brewery for a cold one and finally over to Super Owl Brewery. Do you know how they got their name – brothers who brewed together emailed each other on Superbowl Sunday and had a spell check correction to Super Owl and they brewed their best beer that day and so choose the name.

Picked up Brenda from the airport after 9:30 PM and the puppies were happy to see her. And so was I.

Sunday – Brenda picked up a cold on her trip – Brenda’s sister called (from Sacramento) and wanted to visit for a while today before we head out of the area.

Melinda drove over from the east side of Sacramento and we went to Kitchen 428 in Woodland and enjoyed a nice brunch – salmon crab benedict and unending mimosas.IMG_3993

Brenda not feeling great spent the afternoon resting.

Not too many pics but added this one as how my puppies feel when everyone calls them “hotdogs”.hotdog

Monday is off to Pinnacles National Park.

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  1. Hope you have a wonderful holiday


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