December 7 – Petaluma, California

First time I drove to a campsite without Brenda – kind of scary – but we (myself and the dogs) made it – only 85 miles and it was sunny and dry.

Arrived at the KOA in Petaluma and got set up in our first site – no SAT – so I asked to move and got a new site and again no SAT – the sad part is I am here for a 8 days and no way to record programs – have to go back to watching them on time.

KOA is a large campground with paved roads and sites and lots of trees – reason for no SAT. But it is gated and clean and should be restful for a few days.

Friday another sunny day.

Took the puppies and headed to Santa Rosa – we walked around town for a while and then headed out of town to see the results of the Tubbs Fire – it was kind of sad to see the houses burned to the ground – didn’t take pictures out of respect but they say that 5% of the homes in Santa Rosa were destroyed.

Then stopped at Russian River Brewing Company and had their Pliny the Elder – 8% ABV – a double IPA but they are famous for it- girls next to me bought 4 cases of it as gifts. Wanted a growler but they wouldn’t fill mine because of the screw cap – so what the heck – I bought their growler and got a PtE to go.

Saturday more sunshine and cold mornings.

First time grocery shopping – what an experience but I made it through and got what I needed plus a few extra things. Needed a veggie tray for the Christmas Dinner in the RV park.

Stopped at the Lagunitas Brewery which was huge and had lots of (28)

Attended the Christmas party tonight – well attended and great food – they furnished the ham and potatoes and salad and everyone brought a side dish – always eat too much. Santa did appear with gifts for the kids. Met 3 different couples and talked about our travels.

Sunday a day to enjoy the ocean and so off we go to Point Reyes National Lakeshore (created in 1962). Stopped at the Visitor’s Center and no movie today because they were having a Fungi Celebration and they were using the theatre to have discussion groups. Did get my stamp.

Then took off for the lighthouse – no dogs allowed – had to walk almost a half mile to the 1870 lighthouse and then descend 300 steps to see lighthouse up close. It’s amazing the scenery on the ocean with the high bluffs and waves crashing into the shore. I made it back up the steps with a few rests on the way back.

Then we went over to South Beach (within the park) and the dogs were able to run and walk the beach – more waves were crashing in.

Did see some of those Happy California cows – who wouldn’t be happy grazing on the bluffs with the Pacific Ocean at your back door.

Did stop at the Marin Cheese Factory – they had tastings of cheese and bought a couple of bries for later (27)

Monday enjoying this weather.

Big deal today was walk the dogs, read and do some cleaning around the coach.

Did take off in the afternoon and made happy hour at Dempsey’s Brew.

Tuesday another cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon day.

Took the dogs and headed to Bodega Bay on the ocean (this is where Brenda’s mom always went to relax when she still lived in California). Beautiful countryside drive with rolling hills and lots of cows and sheep ranches.

Bodega Bay is where Hitchcock filed “The Birds” And early Russian settlers came seeking a mild climate to raise food crops for their Alaskan settlements.

Walked the dogs where I could – they were pretty limited as to where they could go.

Nice views in the State Park.

Headed up north Route 1 to enjoy the view of the bluffs and ocean waves.

Did find a beach I could walk the dogs.

Back in town, did stop at the 101 North Brewery and ended up meeting a couple of guys and having a variety of discussions and ended up with two beers versus my one. Got home okay and the beer was great.

Wednesday is off to a cold start – 33 degrees – oh burrrr!

Here is a shocker – I did laundry today – not my normal routine but I was running out of underwear and that’s important – no problems – got it done and stacked in the drawers.

Took the dogs and we went downtown Petaluma to walk and see the area – dogs do enjoy that – probably more of the sniffing but they go and do well.

Cute town with lots of restaurants and antique stores and hair places. Do have a nice river walk area.

Did find the 256 North Brewery and had one – they charged $8 for a 10 oz. pour – and they didn’t have many choices – not again.

Thursday is our last day at this location.

I took off for breakfast and then headed north to the Charles Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa.

If you read Peanuts and was a fan of Charlie Brown or any of the characters in the comic strip you would be impressed by the museum and information available.

We had a docent give a group of us visitors a tour – he was good and knew a lot of information – learned a lot about Sparky Schulz and the reason for the characters he created.

They showed movies all day and I watched the documentary on CMS – skipped Charlie Brown Christmas etc.

Did stop at the Russian River Brewery again – their beer is really good.

Really did enjoy Petaluma – more to see – what was great about this location is that Petaluma is in the middle of everything – ocean – mountains – wineries – breweries – shops – restaurants.

Friday is off to Woodland, California to wait and pick up Brenda from the Sacramento Airport.

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