December 1 – San Francisco

Easy drive and short distance from Napa to San Francisco – except for all the traffic but we made it. Scenery along the highway was beautiful.

Arrived at Marin RV Park – north of the Golden Gate Bridge – and got checked in. Medium park with paved roads and gravel sites – our site was small but it will be okay – expensive campground fee but we are in SF – and we are close to SF.

Took off for Muir Woods – oh what a drive – hilly, curvy and everyone is pushing you from behind. Beautiful area with huge Redwoods – can’t take dogs on the trails but I hiked a short distance – it was cool and damp as usual.

Saturday was overcast and 55 degrees – normal.

I headed off (Brenda had to get ready for her airplane trip to South Carolina) to the Ferry (15 minute walk) and rode the ferry to San Francisco (45 minute ride on weekend).

Another way to get to work –

Saw San Quintan

And the Bay Bridge

Arrived at Pier 1.

Visited the Marketplace.

Walked north along the all the piers.

Visited Pier 39 and all the shops – quite the array of stores and restaurants.
Did have clam chowder with sourdough.

Saw the Sea Lions as they relaxed in the sun.

Lots of street entertainers.

And Christmas Trees.

Made it to Fisherman’s Wharf, with all its fishing boats and fish.

Visited the San Francisco Maritime National Park. Great collection of ships from history. Located on Hyde Street Pier. Able to walk thru the ships and see the living conditions many years ago.

Watched numerous swimmers in the bay.

Stopped at Ghirardelli Square and had a great hot fudge sundae.

Found the cable car loading site at the beginning and stood in line for a half hour to get my ride. Rode it all the way to the end. Sure glad I did not have to climb those hills

– did you know that San Francisco has 43 hills in its 49 square miles?

Walked past Union Square – where a lot of city activities take place.

Then walked through China Town before dark.

Got back to the ferry ticket booth and waited for the ride. Nice ride back in the dark.

I will tell you my feet hurt so badly from all this walking – but I sure enjoyed the tour.

Sunday nice weather and we are off.

First stop was crossing the Golden Gate Bridge – wow it is impressive – and that orange vermilion called international orange was an outstanding color that fit so well into the background.  Have many more pics of the bridge but will keep them to myself.

Did miss riding my bike across the bridge but will save that for a later visit.

Then the visitors center for the Bridge – good pics.

Then the Fort Point NHS – better location for bridge pics. Created in 1853 during the Civil War as protection along the Pacific Coast.

Then a drive through the Presidio – an old army area that still has the buildings – used by others – Walt Disney, David Letterman etc.. Had lunch (from home) somewhere within the Presidio property on a picnic table.

Took a ride by the Palace of the Arts and had to let Brenda out to get pictures because there was no parking –

everyone was out today – I guess on Sunday and nice weather these San Franciscans come out to play.

Then we did something I always wanted to do – remember seeing it on TV – drive down the windiest road in the world – wouldn’t take the motorhome down this road but the car did well.

Over to the Ocean side of SF but couldn’t find a parking space anywhere all along the coast. Again all these people are out and about.

Then over to the AIDS National Monument – again had to drop off Brenda to get pics – site under construction.

Finally over to Haight Ashbury – where the hippie movement began – probably not much different today from then – could smell pot wherever you walked. Did have a beer at the Magnolia Brewery.

Our Super Moon sanf (124)

Monday loving the nice weather.

I took the ferry to SF to visit Alcatraz for a tour. Again another boat ride to the island.

Had a great time walking thru the prison and learning the history. They had an audio tour that was fantastic – sound effects and voices and history of the conditions and escapes.

Things new to me – families of guards and workers used to live here – and the Native Americans took over the island in the late 60’s.

Love the various means of transportation in SF. Boat rides are so relaxing.

I will have to say that “I left my Heart in San Francisco, High on a Hill it calls me to be where little cable cars climb halfway to the stars” Tony Bennett. Wonderful experience that will be remembered a long time – need to come back and stay longer.

Tuesday is off to Woodland, California to get Brenda on the airplane to visit our grand boys.

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