November 21 – Sacramento, California

Dry start to our drive – hurray! Stayed dry all the way.

Beautiful drive along Clear Lake in the valley – nice fall colors and another wine district.

Arrived in Sacramento – oh how I hate the traffic. We are staying at Melinda’s (Brenda’s sister) friend’s house in a residential area – something new for us – but he has the driveway and utilities so why not – besides it puts us a lot closer to the Thanksgiving Turkey. And the yard is fenced in so the dogs have a place to run.

We did take a drive to the nearest California Welcome Center – haven’t seen one previously so we needed to collect info on other locations.

On the way back we found Mzaz Brewing Company and relaxed before heading home.

Wednesday we are waiting for an appliance repair man – washing machine doesn’t spin dry. His recommendation is “replace” and he doesn’t move machines in and out – so I will have to do myself. Decided to wait until Tucson when we are sitting for a while.

Brenda and her sister spent time together. Brenda did get to see her family’s grave site.

That evening we went over to Brenda’s Aunt Mary and had dinner with some of her cousins and family.

Thursday – Happy Thanksgiving and getting ready to go back to Aunt Mary’s for Turkey Dinner hosted by Melinda.

Met more of Melinda’s friends and family – way too much food.

Apologize for no pics – seemed to forget pics when with family and eating.

Friday Brenda had to do her Black Friday shopping.

Took off in the afternoon (after eating leftovers) with Melinda and Brenda and headed to wine country – Amador Wine AVA.

We ended up in Sutter Creek a small city with numerous wine tasting shops.

First stop was Bella Grace – great wines and we bought two bottles.

Second stop was Feist Winery – okay.

Third stop was Sera Fina Winery – okay.

Then home to feed the dogs and then out to dinner at Hop Sing’s Restaurant – remember him from Bonanza?

Saturday nice day weather wise and we left for the Delta Wine Region.

Visited Bogle Vineyards and sat out on the patio with wine and cheeses.

Then visited Clarksburg Sugar Mill where numerous wineries are set up with tastings and sales – quite unique in seeing so many wineries in one spot – sure saved driving all over the place – and the scenery was nice too.sac (8)

Amazing how many wineries in the area.

Sunday overcast and we are headed out to church. After church we did brunch with Bloody Marys’ and mimosas with Melinda.

The afternoon Brenda and her sister Melinda spent time together while I watched football.

I will have to admit that we did not see much of Sacramento – there is so much more to do but we got involved with family and that is better than seeing and doing all the stuff a city has – we will come back and experience more of the area.

Monday is off to Napa Valley.

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